Friday, June 22, 2007


Still Here

I can't believe my mum hasn't let me blog for over a week! She's just been coming home from school every day and hogging the computer all evening, writing those end-of-year reports. I've been suffering from severe neglect and hardly getting any fuss, except from my dad. My blogging friends probably think I've gone missing.

The good news is, she has finally finished writing the reports! And she only has 4 weeks to go before the end of term and I can get lots of quality time with her in the summer holidays.

The bad news is that my humans are going away for the weekend (to Suffolk) so I will be even more neglected, even though Uncle Andrew is coming in to feed me and the humans are only away for one night.

I'm going to need a lot of treats to make me feel better about all this. Still, on Monday normal blogging should be resumed, and my mum has promised I can have lots of computer time to visit all my friends and find out what I've missed in the blogosphere!

Hey Eric! Just as I suspected your mum is busy with her reports. Glad to know she is done with them and you can get back to regular blogging. Plus getting more attention from your mum!
Cheer up, F.E.! Think of all the attention you'll get when your beans return.
Tell me, honestly, do you sometimes miss having another kitty around? My beans are worried about this and the truth is, sometimes I AM lonely, but other times I hate to think of another kitty on my turf.
What do you think?
I bet your Mum is just as happy as you are that the end-of-year reports are all done. If your Uncle Andrew can remember to feed you, your Mum probably needs the break for the weekend. Just hang in there Eric, your time is coming for attention, and I think you will be getting those treats. So nap until your time comes.

Aw shoot, they left you alone? Come on over and we'll play in my tent!
Tent wars!
Glad to see you back Eric. Hope Uncle Andrew remembered to feed you.
See what you mean about great minds and computer equipment. I was sleeping on it to stop mum using it because she had annoyed me a few days earlier when she wouldn't turn it on for me.
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Eric, I hope you get many, many, many treats!
We sure miss your fuzzy countenance Eric!!! Glad mums work is easing off now.
Oh No.....the infamous Uncle Andrew.....!
We will be happy to hear more from you! And we are sorry you are so neglected - we send you purrs and lizards and nip!
Sometimes you just have to throw the humans off the computer! We allow ours only time at the computer when we are busy hunting. Or sleeping. Or playing.
your mom's a teacher, no? Well... from what I understand, teachers have loads of work to do.

Good thing the school year's almost over.
I don't know if sleeping on teh printer will help, but if it gets you more treats then I'm gonna start sleeping on HeBean's printer.
we know the feeling ~the fluffy tribe
You do look dejected and neglected. I hope you get them back into shape soon Eric.
It'll be good to have you back with us again! What a shame that our needs aren't recognized. Humans seem to think the things THEY need to do are more important than what WE need to do!

we've had the same problem with the Lady and her work plus the teenagers and the end of school. we've hardly had any blogging time at all.
Would that be your extremely doting Uncle Andrew who owes you a giant favor? I say talk him into getting you your own pc.
Glad you're still here, Eric ... hope you got lots of treats!
I don't mean to worry you, but isn't Uncle Andrew the one who forgot to feed you last time? FAZ
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