Friday, July 20, 2007


Floofy Friday: Thinking

I have been spending a lot of time thinking today. You can see how hard I am thinking in this photo:
I thought today must be different when my mum started baking flapjacks for her class last night. But all was explained when she staggered in this evening, worn out, all sweaty and clutching heavy bags. Apparently today was the last day of term before school finished for the summer holidays! And she made flapjacks for her class because they were having a "goodbye" party. And she was all sweaty because she spent 3 hours after school clearing up and moving heavy boxes of stuff from her old classroom to her new classroom. And she had heavy bags because her class gave her lots of presents! (unfortunately they did not give her any cat treats or toys, you would think they would know better by now).

I thought Yay! Summer holidays are here! That means my mum does not have to go to work for 6 weeks, but she still gets paid, which has to be good! And she can spend lots more time snuggling with me and giving me fuss.

Then my mum revealed that tomorrow, Cornish Grandma and my mum's sister are coming here, and on Sunday, they are going with my mum to Austria for a week. My mum and her sister are taking Cornish Grandma on a trip to celebrate her 70th birthday. This means that I will be at home alone with my dad.

I thought, is this a good thing? I will miss my mum but dad is more generous with the food, so it might not be all bad.

Then I thought, maybe when my mum comes back she will be spending the rest of the summer with me! No one has mentioned the Kitty Jail this year yet, that must be good...right? I will keep my paws crossed.

You would never know it was supposed to be summer - we had more torrential rain and flooding today. All this thinking I have been doing has made me very tired, so I am off for a nap.

Eric, you are so cute and fluffy!

Get as much food from yer Dad as you can while yer Mum is gone! If you meow and look pathetic I'm sure it can be done.
Fank da lord for no kitty jail dis time. Make sure yur Mum brings back some nice pics from Austria. Hopefully she will bring you some presents and some good food too. What do dey eat ofur dare in Austria?
I hope you enjoy your nap Eric.

I also hope that your human enjoys her time in Austria and that she is even more overjoyed to come home and just rest with you and only you.
Just focus on a lot of treats from Dad and forget the rest!
Don't think too hard. First, yay for your mum being done with school for a while.

Second, I hopes you don't have to go to kitty jail this summer.

Third, if you want sunshine, teleport over! Sunny and 25 Celcius tomorrow and Sunday too!
You certainly do look thoughtful in that photograph.

I hope you enjoyed your nap, and that it turns out to be fun hanging out with your dad - like a guy thing!
A week of man time? Party at Fat Eric's!
Hi Eric,
You know I was just thinking that maybe your mum will bring some really good Austrian treats when she comes back from celebrating. It could be a good thing.

By the way, nice to meet you. I listed you on my links of cat friends. We don't know each other yet but I hope we'll be friends.
Maybe your mum and Cornish Grandmum will bring you back a treat from Austria. I am glad you are not going to Kitty Jail.
Eric, you have a lot of very important things to think about. I think you will have fun with your dad and do "guy" things.
Wow, your mommy is going to be home all summer. This is great. In the U.S., teachers get almost three months off in the summer. You should come and live here.
Hello, F.E.! Maybe your Grandma will bring some nice tasty Austrian sausage for a treat...
Mum says you're thinking all right; thinking about strolling over to the food dish.
She says I make the same face when I'm a bit,er,gassy, if you know what I mean.
i sure hope your Mum brings you austrian treats. she would be very remiss not to
Very Foofy Indeed in this beautiful picture. Lots of thoughts to think too... a nap would be a good idea. Happy Purrs to you.
Fat Eric - you gots some extra food ofur dare? Owr beans went away and owr college girl didn't feed us for HOURS.
Yes, we can literally SEE how hard you are thinking! We keep our claws crossed that there will be no kitty jail!!! And the weather will be better.... And that there will be lots of food and petting for you one way or another!
"Wow" your mom's been very busy.Maybe this trip will give her the rest she deserves. More food is never s bad thing and hope Your Grandma has A very Happy Birthday :)
Yay to summer howidays!
Wet's hope the next 5 weeks will be just your snuggwing Mum-time for you!
You dad's a decent kind of fellow, we think you'll have a great time doing "guy stuff".
Eric, I'm not exactly certain where you are in England, but I'm reading about bad flooding there. I hope you're alright!
we heard about the bad flooding in Britain and China. We hope you are OK and your family too. We're sending big purrs and prayers to all affected that they are safe and home soon.
Take care big guy.
I'm glad your mommy has 6 whole weeks off with you!
We is furrry worried about you. Are you dry? Floofy kitty shouldn't get wet.

Purrs and head bumpies to your mum and dad too!
Hey Eric,
I hope you get lots of food from Dad and your Mom spends LOTs of time with you when she gets back.
Are you all dry??? We're concerned about yall across the pond there! We'll say drying purrs for ya!
your bud Pepi, Sanjee, Boni, Mini and Gree
Hi Eric, I think you and your dad will get along fine.You'llmiss the mom, but you can do guy things together and Im sure he'll be generous with the food.To get more treats just cuddle up on something of your mom's and look pitifully at him, like'I miss her too." It usually works like a charm.
Hope you are okay? It's been on TV about all the flooding in England.
I think the all children should be required to send you presents at the end of the school year. It's only right!

Hope you're surviving the flooding OK.

Your friend
Misty E
I was watching the morning news with mom while she had her coffee and the flooding in Great Britan sounds awful. We just wanted to check and make sure you are having to learn to swim. Are you safe? Let us know. Should we send you a life vest in case the water rises?
Oops. I meant to say ..."you are NOT having to learn how to swim..."

Hope all is well.
Hope your Dad is taking real good care of you Eric. Mom has been concerned about all our blogging buddies in England with all that rain and flooding. We really hope that everyone is O.K.

Mom would love to go to Austria as that is where her paternal grandparents came from. She would like to see the area where they lived. But I don't think she will ever be able to get over there.
We are hoping that you are OK over there with all the flooding our Food Lady saw on the St. Louis news show this morning. Also, hope that your dad is feeding you lots of good food!
Hi Eric!

When your Mum gets home I tag you! See my blog "The Farm Report" for all the details
Hi fat eric Lilly Lu here I was reading up on my hello kitty triva I do love my Hk and she dose not have to share my temptaytions. Well she lives in London England do you fink you know her. I do love her

Lilly Lu
Wow, lots happening where you live. Hope you have fun with your dad and he gives you heaps to eat. FAZ
we hopes you are staying dry Fat Eric. ~The Fluffy Tribe
We sure hope that you and your dad are doing fine with all that rain and such there. Your mom should be about home by now we think from the date of your post. We hope she stays with you the rest of the summer and doesn't put you in Kitty Jail!!

Luf, Us
You look extra floofy and cuddly! We sure hope you manage to avoid the kitty jail this year. We remember your horrible experience last time!
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