Monday, July 09, 2007


ManCat Monday

The caption for this picture is: FEED ME! Look, I am so malnourished I have collapsed with hunger just yards from the food bowl...FEED ME!!!

Plus, I am a Rockin' Boy Blogger - thanks for that, (Big) Eric and Flynn!

oh you poor starving baby, we can tell you haven't been feed for weeks & weeks, look at you, all fur & bone
Poor Fat Eric! I know just how you feel, my Mum is always trying to starve me too! She says I'm too chubby! Pffft! What does she know, I'm really just kind of "fluffy" - just like you.
Hang in there man!
Look at you Eric, so HUNGRY!
You look famished and unable to get to your food dish. Your mum or dad needs to sit by you and feed you every morsel by hand.
Oh no!
Poor Eric! Demand your hooomans give you gourmet food!
I need a 2lb bag of Temtashuns STAT, here people!
OH NO!! someone start a tem-tay-shuns IV!
You are quite an actor!
purrs and hugs
Petu, Blanche and Ines
Wow Eric, for a minute I really though you were my brother Rudy. You look A LOT alike!
(I hope you get fed very soon!)
Poor Eric, you are just skin and bones!
Hmmmm, you do appear to have lost an ounce or two since your recent feeding frenzy! We agree with Derby...demand something from the deli, fed to you by hand.
Eric, this is just terrible! Do we need to sneak you a care package?
You poor thang!!!! We will teleport some food units to you.

Luf, Us
I try that pose all the time. It doesn't work,though. My people just tell me to get up and walk to the dish in the other room.
Hahahahaha, we dig you, Fat Eric! You made us laugh, and we love cats who make us laugh!
I do not think the wig would clash, you would look good no matter what you wear anyways. But if the Mom isnĀ“t skilled with photoshop you will just have to wait for my next dare which can be done without any computer programs!
OH Eric, you are my new e-love kitty! If my Tubbo Walter were still alive, you two would be forever friends. There is little in life I adore more than an orange guy, unless it's a huge, long-haired, rather peckish orange guy. My next kitten is going to be either a long-haired, white Tubbo Walter look alike, or a Peckish Eric look alike. Or both. Why choose?
Laura and her fur fam
I've been known to do that too Eric. I hope they got you some food!
You look like you need some treats...
Are you going to make it?

Stay strong!!
HAng in there man! You can do it! You're almost there! Keep going!

Hey man, I've missed you! I'm FINALLY back and glad to be visiting my cat blogging family!
Have a superfantastic weekend!
Oh yoo poor starved Eric. I do that efurry morning.I collapse in front of the cupboard where our Proplan is kept, cuz there is nefurr any food left in the morning, but mum still makes me wait.
I feel your pain and can (and do) empathize, Eric.
I have a similar pose with pathetic eyes. The Feeders call it the starvation roll.
Hi Eric,

Congratulations on your award.How could she resist that sweet face and those eyes.
A course yor hungry. Yor used to eatin' six days wurf of food in one day. Anyfing less will seem like only one mousie ear compared to da feast yoo had. We am always screamin' for more food acoz owr mom is always starvin' us. We need to band togefur and demand more food!
Oh, poor Eric! We'll send nourishment immediately! We can't haf you wastin away to a pile of fur!
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