Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Oh No, A Trip To The V-E-T

Well. My mum came home. She had a furry nice time in Austria where the beautiful lakes and mountains are. So did her sister and Cornish Grandma. I might let her post some pictures when I am speaking to her again. She did not bring me any presents.

Unfortunately after she got home she started getting worried about me. She seemed to think I was off-colour, just because I was feeling thirsty. I was drinking and peeing a lot and meowing all the time for more wet food and ignoring my dry food. So I got forced into the Evil Cat Carrier tonight and taken to the V-E-T. This stressed me out so much that I pee-ed in the Evil Cat Carrier and had to arrive on the V-E-T's table all stinky, how humiliating!

Anyway. The humans had a long discussion. I was prodded and had my teeth looked at (I really fought hard against opening my mouth!) The V-E-T said there were some different possibilities. I might be developing feline diabetes (my dad has diabetes so I know all about that). Or, I might have something wrong with my thyroid. Or, I might have something wrong with my kidneys. Or, I might have something wrong with my teeth because my gums look red and sore and this might be putting me off eating my dry food.

I started thinking the V-E-T couldn't make his mind up! Then the V-E-T weighed me and I have lost a pound since last year - I am down from 21 lb to 20 lb, so I am still a big boy. Then the V-E-T took me into a back room and stole some of my blood in little tubes! But he did dry out the Evil Cat Carrier and lend me a dry fluffy towel to lie on in it, which was good. Then he took me back to my humans and gave my mum a kit to get a sample of my pee. And charged her £150 for the tests and stuff (that's about $300, for Mericky readers).

Now they are going to test my blood and my pee and see if it tells them anything. My mum has to go back and find out in a couple of days. She is all worried now. Please keep your paws crossed that the V-E-T does not find anything seriously wrong.

The good news is that the V-E-T said that as I am not eating my dry food I can have extra stinky goodness if I want it! Yay! I have eaten 3 pouches of it today instead of my normal 1 pouch.

There was definite mention of the words "kitty jail" today, because my mum said she did not want me to go to the kitty jail if I am ill. Between the V-E-T and the kitty jail, I am not my usual happy floofy self. Purrs please!

Oh buddy. That isn't good. You should be able to cely-brate with your mommy home, not go to the VET. We're sending lotsa good thoughts your way. I totally agree "kitty jail" is not the place for a sick kitty.
We're purrin' for efurrything to be okay, Fat Eric, and we're sorry you don't get to enjoy your mom bein' home. Gettin' to eat extra Stinky Goodness is good, though!!
Well, I am not happy to hear that your momma did not bring you back any presents. How could she do that? I am also sad to hear that you may be a little sick. I hope that everything is okay and that they find something out from your stolen bloods.
we sure hope that they find out that there's nothing wrong with you, but we hope they find out AFTER it's too late to abandon you in the kitty jail again. we're all for your people having fun and all, but they should stay home with you and have fun. we're purring lots for you!
Oh noes! I am sorry you had to go to the V-E-T. And they are very mean to steal your blood. I hope everything turns out OK. Maybe you just have some dirty teeths and you just need a little cleaning. That would be good. It is hard to wait to find out!
no purresents AND a visit to the v-e-t? holy cow! Eric, Good Job with the peeing - next time save it for the v-e-t and pee on him. The blood stealing thing must be an epidemic! and they don't give it back eifurr! I hopes you don't have diabetes or kid-me prollems. or teefs prollems eifurr- i hopes that you us perfektly healthy! - Your buddy Miles
Hi Eric,
I got feline diabetes in 2006 and my mom was very scared and worried. She found the best site ever on the web called & she joined the forum and found out lots of info, about treating FD. Anyway, to make a long story short - mom tested my blood glucose and gave me insulin for 7 weeks. I am happy to say that I have been insulin free for 1 year as of July 1, 2007!!! - Ninja
Aw...Fat Eric. Saying a litle prayer that you`re okay.

Eric that vet visit does not sound at all like fun. Stealing your blood and all.

We will do lots of purrs for you, that it is just a minor change and that you get more stinky goodness and less dry food.

BTW, back in March when I had my tummy troubles it cost mum about what your mum paid, in dollars of course.
Purrs to you too Eric! I hope it's just your teeth because that's an easy fix (or else who cares if you get more stinky goodness?!)
We we'll send you lots and lots of purrs, Eric. We hopes it's just a lil fing that's easy to fix and yoo feel all better soon.
Sanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini, Gree and Pepi
I'm purr as hard as I can for you to get better soon! I hopes they don't makes ya go on an evil diet!
I hopes ya gets a lot of lap sits and your Mum gives ya lots of loves.
Dear Eric<
I think I found the pound you lost plus one! Mom says I'm feeling heavier than usual when she picks me up and he has become more serious about the diet. (Again) She is so wishy washy about it. Sticking me with a diet then easing off it after a week. Heh heh. It's my big pathetic eyes...they get her every time!
Scout was real sick when you were gone. His vet treatments came to about $500, but they saved his life. You can read about it on the blog.-Shaggy
I'm bringing you bunches of purrs, and hoping if anything's awry, it's something very teensy.
We are keeping you in our purrrss and purryers. Please let us know what they find out! So glad your Mom is home.
Your FL furiends,
Lots of purrs coming your way from Tara and Kavan! I hope its nothing!
Oh no, we'z purraying fur yoo buddy. Hope it's nuffing sereeus.
Purr, purr, purr purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purr purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, and even more!
As you still have a good appetite we think that nothing serious is wrong with you!!!!
You'll be alright. Don't worry too much and enjoy your wet food before it gets back to one pouch per day.
Oh no, Eric, I hope there is nothing seriously wrong with you. Keeping you in my prayers and sending lots of purrs your way.
Oh no, Big Guy!

::P U R R S ! ! !::
Oh no!! Eric we hope efurryfing is ok wiv yer stolen blood. Enjoy yer extra stinky goodness though. Mum's afraid to weigh us, cuz the horsie lady who looks after us gave us 4 sachets of Gourmet efurryday as well as our Proplan, and about 3 times as many Temtayshuns as we yooshully have. Mum always leaves twice as much as we need in case of emergency, and she gave us nearly all of it. Yum yum!!! hehehe.
We hope you are okay, Eric! Or at least we hope it's nothing serious.
All the Good Cats send vibes that you'll get good news from the V*t. My v*t recommended more moist food and less dry food, and I lost 2 pounds down to 21. He called it the Catkins Diet.
no presents
AND blood tests?
what's up with that???
our prayers go out to you, our dear one.
the kitties of purrchance to dream
KC said...
O, Eric, how traumatic. u's in our purr-rayers...
Purrs, KC

pee ess:u's DEMAND extra stinky goodness fur all that! that's worth at least a couple extra, hee hee.
We are purraying and sending lots of pawsitive thoughts your way.
Grace, Audace, and Ruse are purring and praying that you'll be OK. Their big "uncle" Cabernet had a bunch of blood stolen and other tests run a few years ago, and the V-E-T did come up with an answer -- and now he eats only a certain type of canned food, mixed with water to make sure he's getting enough in his system, plus a little dry food, not much. He's still a BIG and healthy boy, but it takes daily checking by his mom.

You'll be OK, and in a few days I'll bet you'll be back to normal. We're all purraying that you will be.


Grace & Company
OH NO - a trip to the V-E-T! I am purraying that everything turns out alright!
OH no...we are sending you tons and tons of purrrs! And the nerve of that vet taking your rude!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Just checking in to see if you heard anything.
Oh dear, I hope everything is OK. Could there be a correlation between no presents from your mum and all this nonsense? I don't know for sure, I'm just saying. Maybe you need some presents right now to test this!

We've got our paws crossed for you!
Wowy - whut a day! We hopes you is not furry sick - maybe it's something simple need more daily skritches, or some good primo nip, or more stinky goodness! Take care buddy!
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