Sunday, September 23, 2007


Easy Like Sunday

Well, it was quite a strain looking after my mum and the house while my dad was off climbing mountains in Scotland. I was glad when he got back on Friday night and I could hand over some of my responsibilities. He was pretty tired after all that climbing so we have been mainly relaxing together this weekend while my mum has been off shopping and going to the theatre.

This picture of me and my dad is a little blurry, sorry about that, but doesn't it just say Easy Like Sunday to you?
P.S. I may have Very Good News to share later this week...stay tuned!

What a GREAT photo, Eric. It's not blurry...just surreal.
It's meant to look that way to convey the relaxed viiiiibe in the air.
Your Dad looks quite fit!
And you look quite floofy and adorable!
It is a great photo, Eric. What a way to sprend Sunday, just relaxing. We did that too.
We will stay tuned for the special news later this week.
Oh geez, thats a great picture!!! Each male is his own chair soing serious relaxing!!! You have taught your dad well!!!
Can't wait for the news!!! Can't wait!!
You and your dad look pretty darn comfy!
That's a grate relaxing pikchur Eric. We slept neerly all day cuz it rained and rained (again)Dad had a clay pijjin shooting compytishun in Somerset and he said it wuz lovely and sunny there.
It screams Easy Like Sunday!
Dat is a poster picshure of Easy like Sunday if we efur saw one!
Hope you're still groovin'; you sure were when this photo was taken!
Eric, I can't think of a better way than to be with daddy on a Sunday!
That is a really great tummy pic!
Oh, and you are cute too. ;)
hehehehe, you and your dad look like you have the same pose. Glad you had an easy Sunday, to just chill and rest.
Wow, I'm getting tired just looking at you...
Yep - that's classic "easy like Sunday."
That is a great picture and you can't any more easy Sunday relaxing with the dad time!! Oh, good news to share. We can't wait to hear!
Your FL furiends,
Ooooh, Eric ... this is just tanta-lising, and we karnt wate for thuh gud news.
Luvly piksher too.
What a great shot!
Every time Mum sees you, F.E. she can't get over your size. She wants to cuddle you and rub the belly and give you treats.
My advice is to take the treats and run...
We can't wait for the good news- we hope it's health related!
Hmmmm, I don't know who looks more relaxed, you or your Dad!
Eric, you look very cute relaxing with your dad! I can't wait to find out the good news.
I don't think I have ever seen a more comfortable looking cat!

That picture just screams Easly like Sunday to me. Both of you look so comfy and relaxed. I am eagerly awaiting your good news.
Eric, you and your Dad look very comfortable. I love Sundays too!

I can't wait to hear your good news!
Great photo of you and your dad, Eric!

What sort of good news, I wonder?!
Look at that tummy floof!! What a great, relaxing photo!

Luf, Us
What a funny photo. You have the same pose as your Dad while you're catnapping.
Now that's a Sunday! You and your Dad look very happy. Ernest and I are eagerly awating your "maybe Very Good News!"
Definitely a great Sunday morning.
Great picture! Couch potatoes!
Good news!
I wove good news! Can't wait!
hahaha! a perfect photo showing two typical men on a Sunday. love it!
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