Wednesday, September 26, 2007


LOL Eric

Good news is still pending, but in the meantime...

A nice lady called Karen who has another diabetic kitty has turned an old photo of me into a LOL Cat! Here I am...

Thanks Karen! You made my mum laugh after a day with the class from hell. Karen's cat Pearl has a blog called Pearl the Diabetic Cat *waves paw to Pearl*.

Off to v-e-t tomorrow evening, paws crossed!

I love your LOLcat picture, Eric. Good luck at the vet.
Good luck at the v-e-t tomorrow. We hopes everything goes well.

Midnite & Stray Kitty
We do hope everything goes well at the vet for you eric.
That picture made me LOL! :-D
That is funny Eric. They say that laughter is healing! I hope that you do well at your next vet appointment!
Ha ha ha ha! Eric, that photo is just priceless.

Hope everything goes well at the fix-it place.
Paws crossed for good news at the Vet.
Nice legs! Hahahahaha!
cwosses mine paws for you too...
That is a funny picture! I hope all goes well at the vet, and I can't wait to learn about the good news. Well, I am off to visit Pearl now!
Oh Eric, what ARE you doing in that picture? It is very funny, and you're right--I did laugh out loud!

Thats a great photo!!
We are going to go visit Pearl!
Ha, ha, ha....that is a very funny photo and caption!

I hope you get good news from your V-E-T tomorrow and that going to the V-E-T isn't too traumatic for you!
That made Mommy LOL!
Good luck at the vet tomorrow. That picture is a "screech" mom's words. not mine.

Eric, is that you in there?! We're keeping our paws crossed for a good doctor report for you.
Excellent! did you send it in to
Dat iz da bestest pic I haf seen in a LONG time! You haz furry funny legz stickin' up out of dat box. Can I come over & play wit you?

Your frend,
Dr Tweety
Hahaha that's the funniest pikchur. Good luck at the V E T.
YES IT IS FRIDAY!!!! Finally. Hope your vet visit went well.
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