Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Meow Like A Pirate Day!

Ahoy, me buckos! I be joinin' in Meow Like A Pirate Day! Just call me Cap'n Fat Eric The Fearless. Who wants t'join me crew? I be off t'try some o' the piratical delights in store at Pirate HQ. Arrrrrrr. Yo ho ho and a can of tuna...

P.S. My dad made it to the top of Ben Nevis!

Shiver me timbers - that's a great hat! I wants t'join your crew, but I don't have a hat or eye patch. :(

Congrats to your Dad!!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Ahoy, Cap'n Fat Eric the Fearless! You look like a mighty swashbuckler. And congratulations to your dad!
I'll join your crew, Cap'n Fat Eric!

Congrats to your dad!
aye there cap'n fat eric - we be wanting to join your crew!!!
We'll join your crew...all 4 of us...but only if we get paid in tuna.
Ahoy Cap'n Fat Eric! We'll join up wi' yer ship an start a reg'lar pirate fleet we will. Arrrrrrrrr
Ahoy me hearty Cap'n Fat Eric! 'Twould be terrific t' be joinin' yer crew, indeed! Salutatation an' Congrats to yer heroic dad!

Aye, purrrrrs, China Cat an' Willow
Yarrr, that be a fine hat, just right for a piratin' Captain! Hurrray for yer dad, too, the highest I can climb is to the top of my mommie's chair :)
You make a fine figure, Cap'n!
Glad to hear the landlubber made his climb OK!
Arrrrrgh! Captain Fat Eric, a fine lookin pirate indeed We be plundering for toona jooce and other fine tasties.We fellow pirates share.Come on,lets go!
Arrrrrrrr Cap'n Fat Eric. We'd be wanting to join you on yer pirate ship. We were off pillaging and plundering, but our ship The Jolly Whisker sank without trace. We'll be joining ee in a tankard of best toona juice.
Orrible Eric and Fearsome Flynn
Aye-aye, Cap!
Tis the pirate life for me!
Cap'n Fat Eric we be sailin besides ye. Grab some grog and raise yur sails. I got me a bessel o' beauties on my ship. Great maties they are. Arrrrrrrr.
You make a fine lookin' pirate! Arrr!!
Woo hoo! Congrats to your Dad!
It's a mighty fine thing that your Dad be gettin' to the top o' Ben Nevis. Let's toast his mighty deed in a mug o' the finest tuna-grog. I be happy to join yer crew. I gots opposable thumbs to keep openin' up the cans o' tuna.
Aye, it be a wondrous thing yer dad getting to da summit. We be mitey pleased to join yer crew, yar, we be plundering and looting temptations!
Oh darn. I had a great pirate talk comment congratulating your human on making it to the top and it got erased.

Arr... I'm just not much for talking pirate... Nice hat!
Me sister snagged me blog tonight, matey, but me pirate name be Captain Left Eye Louis and I'll join ye!
Yippie for dad and what a fine pirate ye be, Cap'n Fat Eric the Fearless.

Shiver me timbers matey. Let's all hoist a cup of grog to your dad for making it to the top. Otherwise he would have to walk the plank. Arrgg.
Aye, ye make a might fine looking Cap'n Fat Eric! Let's hoist a pint of toona juice to yer Dad for making it to the top of Ben Nevis!!! Garrrr!!!
Yer FL mateys,
Lieutenant-Colonel Janie Jalibird and
Bloody Neck Snapper Ned
MeARRRR, Cap'n Fat Eric! Congratulation ta yer Dad! We be willin' ta join yer crew!

~Pirate Jack and Persephone, Pirate Queen
AAAarrrr! Good fer' your Dad!
You are a very fierce looking pirate!
Why Eric you look like a most fierce yet swarthy and handsome pirate!!!!!
Congrats to your Dad!!! That is an awesome feat!
Hi Fat Eric,
Thanks for visiting our blog and my ManCat Meme! We are related because I, too, beg to go out the back sliders and then come round to the front door in under 3 minutes, and visa versa. But you know, it is our DUTY to patrol our perimeters! Parameters? What do you call it over there, anyway? And as we get more "filled out" in form, and more "wise in years", it's all about energy conservation.

We were almost brothers-in-laws, too, because as soon as we started blogging, my sister, Sadie, fell in LOVE with you, but you wisely resisted her advances. Now she's Victor Tabbycat's problem. HA. Poor, Sweet, Victor. (I'm kidding. Sadie is very very sweet. And floofy!)

Please come back to visit when you have time. We always love to stop by your blog to see how you are feeling and how your parents are doing. (Mosaic Lady wanted her next cat to look just like you, but instead....well, tune in tomorrow!)
Oh Eric, you are the cutest pirate!
Yeah for your dad!

Your a furry handsome pirate!

You are a wonderful pirate!

Concatulations to your dad!! Whoo hoo!!!

Luf, Us
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