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I am having some problems updating this week because my mum has just started teaching again and she has lots of start-of-term stuff to do and won't let me on the computer! So if I don't update much in the next week, that's why.

I have been doing some extra napping today to make up for my disturbed night last night. It all started in the evening when my humans were watching TV and I was having a lovely cosy sleep on my mum. Then they decided they had to go to bed early and I got disturbed! I was cross because I wanted to go on sleeping on my mum and she left me downstairs and went to bed - with some feeble excuse about wanting to get an early night to be ready to deal with her new class.

Having been disturbed, I went and finished off the food that was in my dish as a bedtime snack. Then I wandered upstairs and went to jump on my dad's pillow for a cosy sleep. Unfortunately, he had just gone to sleep and he brutally evicted me from his pillow and off the bed, moaning something about me disturbing him!

I went back downstairs and slept on Scratchy Mouse for a while, until I woke up again. It was dark and my stomach had that "oh no, hairball coming!" feeling. I found a good spot under the dining table and yakked up the hairball and most of my bedtime snack. Then my stomach felt so empty I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep without another snack. I ran back up to the human bedroom and jumped on the humans, mewing, "Hello! I'm really hungry now! Feed me!" My humans woke up, groaned a lot, looked at the clocks (3.30 AM), evicted me from the bed again and went back to sleep! Of course, I wasn't going to give up in a hurry, so I kept jumping on them until my mum staggered out of bed and sleep-walked downstairs to put a little snack in my bowl (This is much more likely to work these days now that I can play the "I'm a diabetic kitty and I might collapse from low blood sugar if you don't feed me and think how guilty you'll feel!" card).

Having had my snack, I felt much better, and I decided to spend the rest of the night snoozing in the doorway of the human bedroom, where the sound of my loud snoring could lull them back off to sleep...or not.

Despite my disturbed night, I was a good kitty and did not forget to jump on my humans again 10 minutes before their alarms went off, to make sure they got up nice and early for work. As soon as I had had my breakfast and my injection, I snuggled up on their pillows to catch up on some of my nap time. It's a shame my humans had to go to work instead of being able to spend the morning napping like me. As I drifted off to sleep, I could just hear my mum's cries of delight downstairs as she discovered the hairball I left for her.

I wonder if tonight will be so exciting?

ha ha ha ha no joke, that is what i do when mommy gets up for work. she hates that and wants to go back to bed.
you totally look comfy.
i am very glad you didn't give up on your treat gettin. you may have spent hours starving! i'll bet your beans loved the early morning hairball clean up. i know mine do...
Oh Eric! We wanna be just like you!!! Judging from the squeals of delight you heard it must have been an extra big, luscious hairball! You think of everything.
Pee Ess: we really like this picture of you stretched out in all your glory!
You left your beans a hairball and kept them up all night. You are my role model.
Eric, we are really impressed with your ability to keep your beans up all night.
Nite time excitement is da best. It's fun to see da humans (or not) in da still of da nite. Fanks fur stopping by to say hi to Nola. She left an answer on owr bloggie bout where she lives.
Oh Eric,

I learn so many nifty things from you!

What an exciting night! Too bad your Mum and Dad didn't seem to think so.
Hmph, mum woke me up last night.She comes out of the sleeping room, turns on the fan and just stands in front of it for a few minutes. Cools off and then goes back to bed. But I did get a few extra 2 AM scritches out of it.
We love waking mom up in da middle of da nite, 'cept sometimes seeing her den is SCARY! We love to go back to bed after we wake her up in da morning too, it must make her furry happy cuz she always sez "hope you little hairballs are enjoying yourself". Well of course we are...
Awwwww. That's a wonderful picture of you Eric! Glad you got to finish off your beauty sleep after such a horrendous night! That's a great idea to play the diabetic cat trick. That will always work from now on! Yay!

Luf, Us
Eric, you look very cozy and cute in that picture. I am sorry you had to bomit last night. But after bomiting, the stomach does feel very empty. I'm glad you got an early-morning snack in your tummy.
Have you tried putting a small sign reading "Occupied" on the pillow near you? That way, your Dad would understand that you got there first and should not be evicted!
You did have an exciting night. It was really nice of you to leave your hairball where your Mum could find it so easily. I am glad you got your snack, so you could sleep, snoring, in front of the bedroom door.
You are so very thoughtful Eric!
Oh Eric, you are so bad. I really like you. I try and play the "cute and innocent card" but it doesn't work. (I don't know why that is.)
My mom has had a hard time with her schedule this week because the boy went back to school, but I took pity on her and let her sleep. As long as she let me under the blankets.
Eric - you are a smart cat and know how to party. FAZ
Cute picture! You were busy that night. I'm very proud of you for keeping to the schedule and waking your mom up before her alarm went off. That is a very important thing to do.

It is not fun when you're disturbed out of a good sleep.

We're glad you made up for it!
Very good job Eric your the king of your castle.
gosh Eric, you work really hard gettin' your humans up on time and stuff.
Eric you look so cute and comfy on the pillow. The lilac sets your ginger furrs off nicely.
Excellent work with the hairball.
When did you get to be diabetic. Do you have shots every day? I really like the picture of you snuggled up on your peep's pillow.

Gotta go now and explain how hoohooectomies work (brother Phinney goes under the knife tomorrow).

He's kinda silly. He likes going to the vet 'cause he gets to go in the car...tomorrow I think all that is going to change.
isn't their reactions to a little hair ball amazing? Mom says you look so cute there on the pillow that she would haf to snuggle you before she left the house. ~The FLuffy Tribe
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