Saturday, September 29, 2007


Very Good News

I have some very good news to share today.

As you may know, in August I was diagnosed with diabetes and on August 16th I started getting insulin injections twice a day. I was quite good about it even when my mum was having a bit of trouble getting her injection technique right! Sometimes I had to go to the v-e-t so I could have my blood tested to see how much sugar was in it. When I was diagnosed my blood sugar was up at 28 and it is supposed to be between about 4 and 9!

As well as getting insulin I had to change my diet and not eat any more dry food because it is bad for diabetic kitties. Now I eat a special kind of stinky goodness which is low-carb and low-sugar but luckily even though it is healthy food I really like it so I gobble it all up!

My mum spent a lot of time reading helpful advice on the Feline Diabetes Message Board and she learned how to do home-testing of my blood every day. That means I sit on her lap and she sticks a needle in my ear and steals some of my blood and puts it in a little machine which tells her a number. We found this quite hard to do at first even though I am pretty co-operative. Sometimes it takes her a few tries to get some of my blood and I don't really like it and I shake my ears about but I still keep purring! I do get treats afterwards so, you know, I reckon it is worth putting up with a bit of hassle.

Anyway, the very good news is that my blood sugar numbers have been so good lately that I have not had to have an insulin injection now for 9 days! And during the 9 days I have been without insulin my blood sugar has stayed between 4.4 and 5.7 the whole time, which means my pancreas has decided to start working again! My mum says this makes me a furry lucky kitty because this only happens for some diabetic cats.

My mum took me to the v-e-t on Thursday evening and showed him all my blood numbers and he said I was doing furry furry well indeed and that me and my mum were doing a good job. He also said I had lost another 800g in weight since my last v-e-t visit, which was also good because I am supposed to be slimming. The v-e-t said I could stay off insulin unless my numbers go up again, and if everything keeps going well then soon my mum can start testing my blood just weekly instead of daily.

So YAY! I am officially (paws crossed) in remission for now! And this is a picture my mum took this very morning to show my friends how healthy I am looking today.
And in case you are wondering what I am looking at so intently, it is this...

Eric that is wonderful news. The change in diet is helping both your diabetes as well as your weight. It is a win-win deal.

You are looking very well, so go get that squirrel. Purrs to you, your mum and dad too.
Lookin Good, Eric! Sorry bout the ear pricks, tho. I wouldn't like that.
Eric, my Mommy is Diabetic and she says that she is very proud of you and your mommy - keep up the great work!
Well done Eric and Eric's Mum. That's splendid news :)
Oh Eric that is wonderful news. Bummer about the ear pricks, but at least you don't have to go to the VET for them.
I'm very glad to hear this wonderful news. Keep up the good work!
Good show old man! (I was watching this old movie from England on TV and they said that a lot, so I think it is a old British saying)
Mine mombean thinks the slimming helped. Now she wants me to start slimming too. Bah, humbug, says me!
Way to go Eric! I am very proud of you for losing some weight, and happy that your diabetes has been controlled. You done good.
Eric, that is fantastic news.If you can control it with a bit of weight loss,then go for it.You know you can!
This is grate noos Eric...if yoo keep dis up we will hafta start calling yoo skinny Eric!
Oh YEAH!!! YEAH!!! YEAH!!! Eric. I am so happy for you! It is good that you don't have to get stuck all the time!
Oh Eric, we are so glad you are in remission and losing weight!!! Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! :dance: You look great in your picture.
Your FL furiends,
Eric, I am so happy for you!!! Another kitty OTJ (off the juice!!). I have been off the juice for over a year and my mom tests my blood glucose about once a month now. I like it!! I purr through the whole process. I am not much for treats, so I don't get one, but I am happy for the extra attention!!!

I eat low carb food wet food now too and I like it very much!!! My mom wishes she knew about how bad dry food can be for kitties before I got diabetes. We are doing the happy dance for you Eric!! Continued good health to you!!

YAY! Excellent news! We're very very happy for you. Hey...what's the carb and sugar count in that fuzzy rodent there? ...mmm...
Whoohoo!!!! That's awesome noos!!! Keep up the good werk.
~Meeko & Kiara
Congratulations, Eric! This numbers racket is really paying off for you! ;-) Keep it up, big guy! And BTW, your mom is a STAR!
Nine whole days! Eric, that is so great to hear.
Yippee skippee!
Yay Eric!!! That's grate noos for sure! We's furry happy for yoo. And it's grate yoo like yore speshul stinky goodness too. Woo hoo! ::kitty dances::
Sanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini, Gree and Pepi
Yay, that is great news!!
Eric, that is great news. I am so happy for you. I hope your pancreas keeps working right so you don't have to get stabbed every day. Good to see you looking so healthy. And that squirrel looks interesting too.

Good show Eric and Mum! Keep up the good work. Don't worry about losing weight- you're still the floofiest boy we know!
That is truly great news, Eric. If you keep losing weight like that, you won't be Fat Eric any more, just Eric. I am glad that you like your low-carb Stinky Goodness. I am so happy that you can be tested at home now and that you have controlled your diabetes with diet alone. Congratulations to you and your Mum.
YAYAYAYAYAY!!! Way to go Eric. You is loking furry hand-sum & you are a good role model fur my frend Delilah. She iz not diabetic but she iz got da fat cheekz & stuff & we worry about her. Congratu-nationz.
-Dr Tweety
Well done Eric and mum, that is great news. Don't worry about not being Fat Eric with all your weight loss, you'll still be floofy Eric
Congratulations on giving your diabetes the smackdown!!!

Yay! Way to go, Eric!
Great news! I hope your blood sugar levels continue to stay under control.
"Yay" Eric I'm so happy to hear the good news.
Eric - that ROCKS!! You and your mom are doing a great job. We will keep our paws crossed that you don't ever had to take another shot again!! Happy day!!!!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
You are looking fantastic too!
What great news, Eric! Now you don't have to get shot every day.
Well done old chap. Loosing weight - getting your sugar number in the "good" range. That's fantastic news. Keep up the good work!

Midnite & Stray Kitty
Oh Eric, I was so pleased to hear your good news! You and your Mum are doing a great job! You look really good in your picture.
Eric, that is the BEST NEWS EVER! We are so happy for you. And for all of us, cuz it means you'll be around a looong time. Like us.
(go ahead and indulge in the squirrel. Very high protein and low carb. YUM.)
Eric, this is GREAT news! Congratulations one all of it, the squirrel too!
We agree; this is the bestest news! It's about time we had some great health news. Congratulations, Eric and Mum!

I'm so happy to hear this news! (I like the squirrel, too!)
That's great news Eric. FAZ

p.s. watch out for those cheeky squirrels
Yay Eric! You and your mom rock! So, did you catch that critter?
WOW! That's gweat news! I'm fuwwy happy for you Ewic!
You do wook healthy in the pictor!
Oh yes! That's wonderful news indeed!

What a cheeky squirrel!

Luf, Us
Yay! Glad you're doing well Eric. Just saying hi from your long distance cousin in Idaho. say hi to your mum and dad for me! :)
Oh Eric, I am so happy for you! YAY! That is the best news!
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