Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Widebody Wednesday and Christmas Cards!

My friend Shaggy recently alleged that because of my fuller figure I was not flexible enough to wash my lower half. So here is some proof.
Guess what? Although my humans haven't had any Christmas cards yet, I have had two!
Look, this one from Eric and Flynn has a picture of themselves on it - how cool is that?
And this one has come all the way from Mericky from Mu shue and Lilly Lu - and it also has a picture of themselves on it!
And there is even a picture of them on the stamp!

OK, I have been organising Christmas cards for my friends and my cards do have pictures of cats on, but I had to ask my humans why I haven't got special cards with pictures of ME on! All they said was "Maybe next year, Eric". It's just not good enough!

Thank you for my cards, getting post is fun!

Those are awesome Xmas cards!
Eric, I may have to hiss at you. I thought you were my friend! I do NOT like Victor. He was merely between me and my treats, and I know he won't dare hiss or whap ME.

My stoopid beans got a card from their money adviser while I have three cards already. So there.
Such cool cards! We'd be happy to send you one of ours (even if we can't trade) that way you'd be WAY ahead of the beans! You can email us your address at
Yoo am so lucky to have gotten two cards already! We're sramblin to get owr cards made to get dem owt in time. Dis could be a challenge.
We're glad you liked your card Eric. We haf got two cards too and the Beans haf only got one Hahaha.
That is some impressive bending there Eric! Great cards!
Those are great cards. Mom was working on our Christmas card today.

And I understand the cleaning issue. I don't like to admit this, but some times my mom and dad have to help with the cleaning. :(

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
wow! you are flexible. Have you been going to Skittles yoga classes too? You are a fabulous floofy Mancat Eric.

Will you email me your snail mail address. I'd love to send you a card too!

1hendrix AT fuse DOT net (all squished together!
I too have had to Christmas cards while the humans have had none! We rock!!!

we would love to send you a crissymas card. can you email your snail mail address to us too?

themeezers AT gmail DOT com

Thank you!
My apologies, friend.
ps: did you get our email with our address?
Send us yours an we've send you ours. Our email is at the top of our blog
very cool cards, eric. you're looking good!
Eric, I think you are very flexible! Getting Christmas cards is fun.
Hi Eric... What a coinky-dink. I have a post up about Christmas cards and -- if you send me your address I'll send you one!! I'm trying to hand-make some cards but they're not going so well but -- oh well. I'll give it a try anyway.

love, Pearl
Cool. Those are very nice cards :-)
How cool Eric. You get your own mail!
Hey Eric, the postman brought us a card furrom yoo today. It's great!! Fanks efurr so much.
Eric, you are very flexible good job.
Those are very cute cards :)
I think we accidently deleted the email with your adress for Christmas cards. Could you send it again?
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