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Although I am on a diabetic diet, I still get a little treat now and then as long as it is a healthy treat. Last night my mum made fish pie and she gave me two of the prawns she was using! That was yummy. Tonight the humans had roast chicken, which I love even more. Before my mum could sit down to eat I was already in position next to the leg of her chair, looking up hopefully at the table and smelling the chicken. After the humans had eaten she put a tiny piece of chicken in my bowl. But...YUCK! How could she? Apparently, when she roasted the chicken tonight she made little holes all over its skin and put bits of some stuff called "garlic" in them. I can tell you, it makes the chicken taste completely WRONG! I did not like it. Here is my "yuck" face.
Also in this week's food news, I found out this weekend that I do like both sour cream and vegetable soup, even though my mum said I wouldn't. If she doesn't want me to sample leftovers from her dishes, she shouldn't leave the dishes on a low table when she goes to answer a phone call. Right?

Oh yes, I nearly forgot! I got a lovely Christmas card today from my girlfriend, Pearl, and her family. It had a photo of her inside it and some lavender stuff for my mum. Thank you Pearl!

You have to be careful of that garlic stuff, Eric. No guy wants to have bad breath around his girlfriend!

Max S
It is so sad that your chicken was ruined! I'd probably make a worse face than that if mommy ruined my chicken. You are brave, Eric. Very very brave.
hahaha look at your face!! That is priceless!!! Really wonderful! Oh hilarious. And yes, garlic is the food of devils. x
That is a very good "YUCK" face!
HEHE! That face is priceless! Garlic is nasty! I say yuck-o buck-o garlic.

Thanks for the Christmas card. The kitten on the front does look like Huggy Bear. Keep an eye out for our card. Mom is mailing them tomorrow.

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
ijust barely erased all my comment because when i scrolled down it took me back to home....but i, as i said before am a yellow eyed orange male tom, who was given a heating pad, new flannel house and heated water bowl in cold utah, iam at platoon of four or just click the icon..i am squashed between four dogson either blog...i really appreciate the extra attention because ive always been on my own
Oh NO, not the Flying Garlic Monkeys. Oh wait, that's a differnt problem...

Oh NO, not GARLIC! We hate that stuff. The Big Thing likes it.

Ya know what WE wish fer? Little fishes poached in cream an nip leafs...
Grate face, Eric! I'll try anyfing once, but Bonnie begs fur bean food, then won't eat it. More fur me! I specially like eyes creme, efun peppermint.
Dadbean uses gah-lick in his cooking place ALL the time, so I got used to it... and if I eat enough, then Zoey stays away from me which is fine by me! Thanks for the cool card you sent to us; it was exciting to get one from way across the ocean! You're the bestest. Merry Christmas!
Garlic...Bleah! I'm with you Eric!
Hahaha oh Eric your face sez it all.We don't like garlic either. Mum puts it in the lamb and makes it taste bad.
we are furry sorry that the chick-hen was roont for you. our mom would put garlic in cheerios if she could, but dad said he'd disown her. when they eats at the thai place, she brings home leftofurrs of "bangkok boom" which is mosly garlic wif a little chick-hen. we has learnt to eat it in self-defense, so we don't upchuck when we sit in her lap later!!
As bad as gar-lick is, and it mighty bad, lemon is worse. Mine mombean will rub half a cut lemon all over a chick-hen and then stick it in side to cook along with the chick-hen (oh, and some other yucky stuff like time -- how can you put time in a chick-hen?)
Yuck - we hate it when mom ruins perfectly good chick-hen! Why do da beans do dat to good food?
I have never had garlic. Alas, my human had a cat who sampled way too much so she never puts things down where I can sample them--well not since I ate all the meat off a pizza. Hmm...

Oh Pearl and I will eat any kind of chicken (but remember, Mommy calls Pearl Garbage Gutt - cause she'll eat anything), Bert's more like you!
he he he Love the yuck face!
That face says it all! We like our chicken plain and simple.

I love garlic but I'm sure it's too strong for kitties to eat. I'm sorry your Mum ruined your chicken with it :-( After seeing your face, I'm sure she's realized her mistake, and will never do that again!
How dare your Mum ruin perfectally lovely chicken with garlic. Ick!We are making the yuck face too, just thinking about it!
Did it come? Did it come? Is it there? Is it there?
Bummer on the bad chicken. But garlic is not good for you. It is related to onjuns'
I love your YUCK face! Mmmm, I suspect that I'd enjoy sour cream too. I'll have to ask my mom for some next time she uses it. Rotten luck with the chicken. How could she put garlic in it!
Dat's a great YUCK face! Good fing yoo don't like garlic. It's not good for kitties anyway.
Eric, how awful for you. And to be so teased by a ill-flavored piece of chicken. horrible! It's just as well you didn't eat that awful chicken with the garlic. People seem to like it, but it does terrible things to their breath!! We don't need to deal with that!
PS: we agree about the plates left on low tables. What ever is in the cats reach, is fair game to be sampled.
Hehe thats a great yuck face! I do not like it when momma messes up the chicken with garlic either. Momma put the Prize you won in the Catblogosphere raffle in the post yesterday but she forgot your congratulations and Christmas letter. :( The lady at the post office was so rude and hurrying her so that got her all frizzled so she doesn't even know how she mailed it! I just hope you get it before Easter. ~Queen Snickers
Your momis just trying to keep you safe and healthy, Eric. Trust me, you would rather be that then sick and miserable, like a certain someone I know.

Your "Yuck" face made me laugh out loud. I'm so sorry that they ruined your chicken. I bet you were disappointed.

I didn't know that you and Pearl were an item. She's a sweet girl, you deserve a wonderful girl like her.
That is so unfair! They should have cooked something fit for kitties!
Prawns ANd Chickie though? THat HASTA be good.
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