Sunday, January 20, 2008


A Canine Mystery

Now, I usually have a cats-only policy on this blog. D-o-gs are not my favourite creatures, unless they are exceptionally polite d-o-gs like my friends Lucky and Roxy.

When my humans were walking on the beach in Cornwall on Christmas morning, they saw some strangely familiar faces.

Was this Lucky and Roxy doing some teleporting over to Cornwall for Christmas, or just some long-lost cousins who look very much like them? I think we should be told...

It certainly looks like them. You need to get to the bottom of this.
That IS a mystery, Fat Eric! You'll have to get to the bottom of it post haste!

It's a good thing that Roxy an' Lucky are such sweet little woofies ...

Hi Eric!
What an interesting mystery you have there. Unfortunately, it was not Lucky and me. If it had been us, we would have visited immediately, and you would know first hand how polite my sister is. (By the way, thank you for such a lovely comment about us and we truly appreciate being the only dogs to have ever been on your blog.)
As for the long lost cousins, the black one is much heavier than me and the fawn one is not nearly as cute as Lucky. Thank you for thinking of us, though.

Roxy & Lucky
Dear Eric,
First of all, looks like you gots that mystery all solved. Whew! We is glad. Also, we just wanted to thank you for visitin' our blog and for leavin' a comment. We think you ROCK!
Very truly yours,
The Whiskers & Purrs Gang
That's neat to see tan and black pugs just like Roxy & Lucky :)
Glad you got the mystery cleared up
Purrs Mickey
It could have been them. I am surprised though that they did not come say hello!
That would have been fun it they really did git to visit you!

P.S. Fanks again fer da gifts fer Kiera -we're so glad you could attend her shower! Yer a good friend!
Yer pals,
Kimo & Sabi
Whoa! Lookit that!
Wow! They seem to have European twins!
Yep, I think it must be Roxy and Lucky's distant European cousins!
Wow - that is a mystery, but maybe dogs can teleport too?!
Nice to see some friends (or things that remind you of them) when you're away from home...
Dearest Fat Eric,

I have gone deaf due to your thoughtful gift. MomBean opened your package and let out such a squeal of joy the littleBeans jumped and I fell out of the chair I was napping on. She is still grinning like a fool.

Thanks for making her evening. It was worth it. :)

(And if there is ever anything you would like from the US please let me know!)
There looks to be a family resemblence!
We got your thank you card! We like the pictures and getting Royal Mail!! ~Queen Snickers
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