Tuesday, January 08, 2008


My Presents, part 2

This is the fleece snuggle that Queen Snickers sent me. It was my prize from the competition that Opus and Roscoe had. It's great, isn't it?
And look! On the other side it even has my initials embroidered on it! What a thoughtful touch. Thank you so much, Snickers and family.
OK, I'm trying to relax on my new snuggle now, please take the flashy camera thing away...
And this is one of the things my new cousin Baxter (who lives in Idaho) sent me. I am going to hang it up for Santa next year. It is twice as big as the stocking I had before!

That's a very nice fleece snuggle and Santa Claws stocking you got :-D
Wow - both of those gifts are wonderful - the snuggle looks so comfy and warm! Complete with your initials!
He he maybe momma should have had the snuggle a tad bigger. It has been a while since we had a big mancat around here to judge for size. Two mancats who came before (daddy's boys) where 14 lbs and 16 lbs. We are glad you like, we made sure to check it out before momma sent it. :) ~Queen Snickers
that's a nice snuggle you've got Eric. We can see you like it.
Eric, that is an awsome snuggle!! It's purrfekt for you!
Eric, you are such a handsome sight on that beautiful snuggle!

& your Artsy Catsy friends
What nice presents. That stocking looks great, a perfect size for treats.

That looks like a great snuggle and what a fabulous mitten stocking.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
Those are excellent gifts Fat Eric!
Wow you did good in the gift department Eric!
What a beautiful snuggle Eric!

A bigger stocking is always betterer!

That is a really pretty snuggle you got from Queen Snickers.

You haz furry nice frendz & relativez dat send you cool tingz in da mail. You iz a lucky lucky boy!
What wonderful presents Eric!
You got more lovely presents! You look very handsome on your new fleece snuggle.
This is a wonderful presents to sleep on~!!!!
That was very thoughtful to have your initials embroidered on your snuggly. The giant mitten to collect stuff from Santa Paws next year does look like it would hold lots of goodies.
Those are really nice purresents yoo gots. We can finks of lots of fings yoo can fill dat HUGE stocking wif.
What wonderful gifts! I love that fleecy snuggle.

And Eric, I gave you an award. Come on by my blog and see!
Hi Eric...

You've got some great gifts! That fleece blanket is especially nice.

I hope you and your family are well.
That looks like a nice snuggly fleece blankie!
Cool snuggle...and what a great stocking!! It looks like you!
What great prezzies ya got, Eric! The snuggle looks so nice anit shows off yer colors real good! That new stocking will be great fer Christmas, too.

Gee ALL the OTHER stuff looks so great, too.
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