Saturday, February 09, 2008


Floofy Forgiveness On Friday

I have decided to forgive her. The tuna helped a lot.
P.S. She wants me to tell you that she did tidy up the floor later!

Oh you look like you have forgiven her. Tuna will do that.

Mum read a story about Tyrell's Chips/Crisps. Have you had them?
That floor looks like ours. Glad you got tuna

shelby aka the fatman
forgiveness is nice. our floor looks like that alot - because I keep whapping stuff off tables. - Sammy
For tuna, there are lots of things that are forgivable!
We don't like Tuna all that much - lol, but for chicken or ham, we would do the forgiveness thing too. Don't worry about your floor, between us cats, and Camie, Mom has almost given up - not quite, but close.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
Looks cleaner than our floor!
What a lovely picture of you & Mum! She really loves you lots Eric!
Tuna...Hmmmmmm...a cat can forgive a lot for Tuna. Must mention this to our Mum, as soon as she sends in our Gorgeous Ginger photos,


Gypsy & Tasha
I have somethin' for you when you have a moment, Eric!
Arh...tuna! Tuna solves a wot of things.
Floofy forgiveness is a furry good thing, Fat Eric.
That is a very sweet picture of you forgiving your Mum :-)
Time spent tidying up is time not being spent with the kitties. At least that's the excuse my people use for having a place that looks like a tornado went through...
Aww, that's a lovely forgiveness photo, I can see you really love your Mum:) If she thinks your floor is untidy, she hasn't seen mine! I have several "filing trays", most of which are the floor, heh heh:) xxx
I'm glad you have forgiven her. You know our mum's are really quite useful most of the time. We have to forgive them sometimes for forgetting because they just don't have our superior intellect. Tuna is so so good!
I am glad you got tuna juice and forgave her. Our beans just get too busy sometimes!
Tuna makes everything better. Our floor looks like that all the time, only covered with our toys!
Wahoo, TUNA!!!! Go gets 'em Eric!!!
Tank you so much fur purrin' & prayin' fur Delilah. She haz a message fur evfurry one dat I would likes to passee on:

Thank you so much for visiting while I was so very ill. Mommy thinks I almost died Friday night, so I am rebounding quickly. Mommy now believes I might be allergic to a wasp sting. It was nice to hear that all the kitties of the blogosphere were purring & praying. It helped me to have heart, and my mommy was so appreciative for all of the love.
We hope you will join us for Dr Tweety's Valentine's cruise. More details will be posted later.

Many blessings,
Ah Eric, what a nice picture of you and your Mum. I am glad you have forgiven her : )
Tuna solves many problems! I'm glad ou forgave your mum! ~Queen Snickers
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