Thursday, February 14, 2008


Happy Valentine's Day

Here is my Valentine's Day offering to my girlfriendcat, the lovely Princess Pearl. I am not much of an artist but I always think homemade cards are better, don't you? Don't you think Pearl and I look very handsome together, too?

I meant to put my Valentine's card up earlier but it's all been rather busy here. Yesterday was my dad's purrthday (I gave his hair a very good licking as a present), then today at my mum's school they had an exciting day. Just as all the children and teachers were eating their lunches, all the power went off, the lights went out and there was a strong smell of burning. They had to evacuate the school and call the fire brigade. It was a pretty cold day for standing outside in the playground, too. Then they wanted to send the children home but none of the phones were working, either... It turned out that a squirrel had got into the roof and eaten through some Very Important Cables - the squirrel was found electrocuted by the firemen. R.I.P. squirrel.

It was all very exciting and my mum ended up getting home early which meant my dinner was early! Yay! She does have to go into school tomorrow and then she gets a week off for the half-term holiday which means she can spend lots of quality time with me!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone, hope your week is being as exciting as ours!

You and Princess Pearl are a lovely couple :-) Happy Valentine's Day!
Happy Valentine's Day Fat Eric! You and Princess Pearl are a wonderful couple!
Happy Valentines Day! That is a lovely card Eric I'm sure Pearl will be thrilled!
Happy Valentine's Day!!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
I think that is a lovely card, Eric. Happy belated birthday to your dad, and purrs to your mom for her exciting day!

Happy Valentine's Day!
What a beautiful card! I'm sure Princess Pearl's heart skipped a beat. Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

PS have your mommy visit it will give her a whole new meaning for what happened yesterday.... Happy belated birthday to your daddy!!
Happy Vowintimes Day, Fat Eric!...By the ways...why is you called "Fat"??? In our house, that's a mean word. We think you is the HOTNESS!! Hubba Hubba!

Be sure to git lotsa kisses, nip and treats today!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers & Purrs Gang
Happy Valentine's Day! I think your Valentine to Princess Pearl is charming.
Have a Bunderful Valentine's Day!
I am quite glad that almost everyone was alright in your Mum's school Eric. I am sorry about the squirrel.

Happy Belated Birthday to your Dad!

And Happy Valentine's Day to you too!
You make a great couple and I love your valentine! Happy Valentine's Day!
My, that was an exciting day at school for your mom. Happy Birthday to your dad. You make a lovely couple with Princess Pearl.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Roxy & Lucky
Happy Valentine's Day Eric. Your mom really did have an exciting day. That happened to Mom once in her own house, only it was a shrew, and there wasn't a burned smell, just a gross, yuckky fried shrew one.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
Oh that's a beautiful valentine, Eric. What a thoughtful man-cat you are! If you were here I'd clean your ears for you.

Great news about the school closing. I mean... too bad that the kids will lose out on a few days of education because of a squirrel, but, I'm sure your mom will really enjoy her day off.
Belated happy Valentine's day Eric. That is a sweet card you made furr Pearl.Belated happy purrfday to your dad too. That was a lot of excitement at your mum's school. We're glad the squirrel didn't cause more damage like burning the school down. It was nice to talk to you last night at the cruise party.
You and Princess Pearl make a very handsome couple! I have always found that home made valentines are the best too, they are much more unique.

I hope you have a great weekend. Make sure you get to the couch before your Dad.
Happy belated Valentine's Day!
Happy belated birthday!
We are sorry about the poor squirrel - we have a cat friend who always tries to electrocute himself too - his staff had to cover every inch of cable ion the house!
P.S. I think that is a very beautiful card that you made!
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