Sunday, March 23, 2008


Happy Easter

Look what my mum did to my picture...oh the shame...
We are having some very weird Easter weather. Remember all those pretty spring flowers we have had here for several weeks? And remember how we haven't had a single flake of snow all winter? This weekend a lot of Britain woke up to a white Easter. Even here there was a dusting of snow on the garden first thing this morning, although it has melted now. Weird.

And outside it is cold, wet and windy. Looks like a good day for staying in, snuggling, eating chocolate and watching Easter TV then...Happy Easter to all.

Oh Eric, you look like the Easter Bunny!
So, snow, eh?
Welcome to my frozen world!
Hoppy Bunday!
Eric, we think your frootbatbunny ears are marvelous! Happy Hoppy Easter to you and hope you can find your TemptationEggs under all the snow!
Very cute, Eric! :) Happy Easter to you and your family! :)
Yous got bunny ears!

Make sure that you gets lots of treats for all the indignity you have suffered. Its never easy when the mombean gets a wacky idea.

Hoppy Easter to you and your beans.
Happy White Easter! Yoo look cyoot as a bunny, but handsumer as a mancat. Yall stay warm!
Alla Us Hotties
Happy, hoppy Easter! You look cute in the bunny ears.
Hoppy Easter, and I must say that I do like what your mom did to your photo. It makes you look like an Easter bunny. Hope you don't mind my outfit today but I couldn't resist.
I hope the cold snowy day did not hurt all of the nice spring flowers.
Hubba Hubba!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers & Purrs Gang
Oh, lookie ... Fat Eric is a froot bat!

Happy Easter!
Teleport over for some ham at 5 PDT.

Oh who did that to you Eric?! I hope you have a wonderful Easter and stay warm!
Oh Eric, you make a cute Easter Bunny!
Happy Easter!
Happy Easter Eric. We had a light dusting of snow as well this morning. Silly mum opened the curtains and said to dad that the farmer next to us must have had lime spread on his fields late last night cuz they were all white. Dad said to her, "And I suppose we had lime spread last night too". She never noticed that our garden wuz white too. We got gales and hail and rain again now.
Note from mum:
The farmer did have lime spread on his fields two days previously, and he had worked until after dark.
happy easters!
Veronica and Fig
Happy Easter Eric! We had snows today too, but no real sign of spring or flowers yet here in St. Louis ... dang!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
Oh, Eric, you make a fabyoolus floofy easter bunkitty! hehehe Happy Eastur to you and yur beans! And yeah, that's some weird weathur -- we hadded some beeyootiful sunnyshines fur a couple of days but today it's gettin coldur again and tomorrow it might snow a little bit!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
I love your bunnyears! You look soooooo cute in them.

Happy White Easter! It is weird!
Oh Eric, you poor thing. Whatever did your mother do to you! We can't believe you had snow! But we are not sorry to say that it was better you than us! ha ha
Sorry, we are trying to get it to melt here.
Happy Easter

Roxy & Lucky
Ohhhhhh yoo look so cute dare Eric! Happy Easter to yoo and yur fambly.
What the heck!? I know that the Velveteen Rabbit was fat and bunchy, but that still doesn't give your mum the right to put you on display in that getup. Sheesh!

Patience, Sir Eric. You'll have your chance to get her back... ;-)
Happy Easter Eric. I only wish our snow was just a dusting. But no, we got 12 inches or so. I want spring!
I'm sorry you had such a cold Easter! We had a dusting here in Ohio too. I'm also sorry your mommy put bunny ears on that handsome photo of you. I suppose if she gives you extra treats, you can forgive her.

Happy Easter!
We saw you over at Daisy Mae's and just wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy Easter!
We'z sorry yoor mom did dat to yoo, but yoo do look furry cute. Happy Easter...
Oh Eric, I love your ears. Happy Easter from FAZ
Sorry about those ears, Eric. But Happy Easter to you all anyway...or I guess Happy Easter Monday by now!
Sorry that you had to wear bunny ears but you still look very handsome! We were surprised to have a "white" Easter today too! There wasn't any accumulation but it was very strange to have it snowing on Easter.

Happy Easter to you and your family and hope that you had a great day!

Purrrrrrs, China Cat
Happy White Easter, Eric! I hope you get some special treats to make up for the ears, though you do look cute in them.
that is grate you donate your hairs! I bet you have a lot you are furry fluffy!
ps, dont miss my bday party tomorrow!
We sure got more than a dusting. More like a dumping! You are strangely irristible (mom says) with your bunny ears and plate of chocolates!
Happy Easter, Eric! You look very handsome with your Fancy Easter Ears!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers & Purrs Gang
Oh, the embarrassment. At least all your real friends know you're a Mancat!
Cute bunny ears!! ~Queen Snickers
Hi Eric,

Don't worry you look very cute :)
Eric you are absolutely gorgeous in your bunny ears! Sorry, I haven't been by in awhile...I blame my mom for being lazy.
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