Saturday, April 12, 2008


Purring For Friends

The whole Cat Blogosphere is shocked to hear about the terrible fire in Laura's apartment building in Massachussets yesterday. She has lost everything and so far there is no news about what happened to her cats, Mu Shue, Lilly and Iris, who were inside the building at the time, but it doesn't look good at all. This is a such an awful thing to happen, we are joining everyone else in hoping that by some miracle the cats managed to escape. Please send purrs and keep them in your thoughts.

I am very, very worried about our friends and I am purring and purring my hardest for them. I hope there is some good news about them soon.
I certainly am sending the best thoughts and hopes ...
This is the most terrible news. I hope they are okay.
We were totally shocked by the news too, and are keeping then in our thoughts, and purring that a miracle has happened and they escaped the fire.
Auntie told mom that the slider door to the balcony was open. We are praying real hard that they got out and are just hiding because they are scared.

They found them Eric. They were hiding in the apartment and wouldn't come out around strangers. They have now been reunited with their mum Laura. Happy Day!
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