Thursday, April 10, 2008


Thankful Thursday


Thank goodness for that. Yes, I survived, but only just. Would you believe that after having no snow all winter, it decided to snow while I was in kitty jail? I could have been frozen! (if I hadn't been in a heated kitty house, but that is just a detail!) My humans were in Snowdonia in Wales and got lots and lots of snow. I have got many pictures to post later.

My mum is not too impressed with the kitty jail this time, so I don't know if I will be going to that kitty jail again. She paid them extra for grooming me but I came home with lots of mats in my floofy fur so she doesn't think they did a great job. At least I got fed! (I had to take my special food with me).

My dad has gone back to work but my mum still has over a week left of school holidays and has promised to spend quality time with me. I have been sticking very closely to her all day today just in case she disappears again.

My Cornish Grandma spent last weekend in hospital after she had a fall at home. They have let her out of hospital now but she hurt her knee when she fell on it so she has to use crutches. Luckily her neighbours and Cornish Auntie are taking it in turns to walk her woofie because she can't. I am purring for a speedy recovery for my Cornish Grandma!

I expect I have missed lots of interesting stuff going on around the Cat Blogosphere while I was stuck in jail. Time to catch up!

We are very glad you are home and get to spend extra time with your Mum. Purrs for your Cornish Grandma. We hope she feels better soon.
Oh thank goodness you made it out of Kitty Jail alive! I have been worried about you.

I am sorry to hear your Cornish Grandma has been under the weather, I feel as if she is my Grandma because on April 1 people kept thinking she was my Grandma!
Hooray, I am glad you are out of jail and back home where you belong. I am sad about your grandma though. I hope she feels better soon.
Welcome home, Eric!
We all hope Cornish Grandma feels better. Mum says a fall can be very un-nerving.
It's warm and sunny here today, but it will be stormy and colder for the weekend. *sigh*
Hooray! you're back furrom Kitty Jail. We were going to teleport up to see you furr our purrfday but we didn't know where you were being kept purrizziner. We are sorry Cornish Grandma took a fall and hope she is soon feeling better.We had a bit of snow too and we didn't like it at all. Mum took a video clip with her flashy box.
I am so glad you are back from the kitty prison that was substandard! Humph. They didn't even get your mats out--how horrible.

Purrs to your Cornish Grandma to feel better.
Woot, welcome home!
Thank goodness you survived the jail. It sounds terrible. We are glad you are free. Spend lots of time cuddling with your mom. Make her feel guilty for leaving you.
We hope your Cornish Grandma gets better soon.

Welcome home Eric! Bummer that the kitty jail didn't treat you right. Your floofyness demands good care.

Purrs to your Cornish Grandma, may she get better soonest.
Oh, we hope you Grandma is all better soon! That sounds very scairty.

We're glad you're out of jail. Brushing is very important, and it's also very wonderful! We're sure your Mom will make your furs all pretty again.
We're so happy your home safe from the kitty jail! Hopefully your Mum can help get your furrs back to their normal beautiful state.

We're purring for a speedy recovery for your Cornish Grandma!
Those mean kitty jail people! They made your mum spend extra money for nothing!!
Glad to hear you're back home where you belong!
Purrs to Cornish Gramma!
Yay! I'm gwad you're out of kitty jail! I'm sending purrs for a speedy wecovewy for your Cornish Gwandma.
See, that's what your Mom and Dad gets for going away and leaving you behind - lots and lots of snow :-P haha
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