Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Widebody Wednesday

P.S. I got my own blog back!

Top quality, widebody there Eric!
Happy Widebody Wednesday
I am glad you found your way back Eric!
are you comfy there Eric? you look it!
I'm glad you're back "home" Eric. Those were funny tricks yesterday.
We're glad you found your way home Eric!
O, hi, Eric, you look furry hansome.
Purrs, KC
Welcome back. Mom sez dat she loves dat pose and she wants to kiss yoor tummy!
I missed you!
Looking good, Sir Eric. Back to normal after a strange dream. Oh, happy belated birthday to your mum, too!
Oh goodness Eric! How'd you wedge yourself in there? Were you able to get out with your dignity still intact?
Hehe Careful don't get stuck! Then your mum will laugh! ~Queen Snickers

ps I know from experience.
It's good to be Wide.
Eric, that is a very cute photo!

You wouldn't believe how many people thought your Grandma was my Grandma! I do hope your Cornish Grandma had a good birthday.
I don't think you're a widebody, I think you're just extra fluffy :-)
......are you stuck?.......
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