Saturday, May 17, 2008



It's been a busy week...and I got PRESENTS!!!

First, Uncle Sim and Auntie Jan flew in from Montana, which was very exciting. They only stayed a few days because they are doing a tour round the family and different places - they have gone to Edinburgh now. They brought lots of luggage, which I searched through carefully until I found the Greenies they brought me. Always good to top up my supply of Greenies! They brought me several bags and one was Tempting Tuna which I have never had before, so when I have finished my current bag of Oven Roasted Chicken I am looking forward to trying those.

Then I got another of those mysterious packages from Gourmet cat food, who sometimes send me food samples. We don't know how they got my name and address but we think it's just because I am famous. Here is the box addressed to me...
...and this is what was inside. Mmm, gourmet stinky goodness! I am only supposed to eat my diabetic stinky goodness but my mum says I am allowed one can of this.
And there's more! Another box arrived for me. From Mericky. I wasn't expecting anything so this was a big surprise. It was from Monty Q! This is what was inside...

It is one of the baby squillions that Beau's mum was auctioning for kitties who needed help. It seems that Monty Q bought one for me! Isn't that nice?
Here I am checking out the baby squillion. We have decided to call it Mini because it is a mini squillion.
And here is Mini with Mandy, my full-size Squillion. They seem to be getting on well.
Thank you very much for my present! It's great to get surprises!

You have had a good day Eric. That wuz a lovely sirpurrize furrom Monty Q. Mini and Mandy do seem to like each other.
We love Greenies too. Our faverit flavour is the roasted chick-hen, and we have just had some furrom Angus along with our faverit dairy Temtayshuns.
Wow, yoo gots lots of wunnerful purresents! We love when boxes come fur us, not just fur what is in dem but because dey is BOXES! We even like it when mom and dad gets boxes in da mail.
This is really your week for some great presents! Lucky you Eric!
That is a very cute squillion. Mini and Mandy look very happy together.

wow ... i luv prezentz! i espeshullee luv yer noo babee squillion. verree hansum!
Wow! We loved looking at your presents! :)
Presents! And if there's going to be another kitty in the house, that's the kitty to get! Mini is very cute, and I bet he won't eat much.
How exciting! I love Mini, s/he (which?) is so cute. I've just been catching up with your news and I'm sorry to hear about Tabs. She looks like she was a nice cat. I'm thinking of her family, who must be very sad. Your garden is looking beautiful:) xxx
I thought you'd like Mini, MomBean said he reminded her of you. :D
You got some very fun and wonderful surprises! Monty Q is nice.
Wow! You must be famous, Fat Eric, to be gettin' so much wonderful stuff from your post office professionals! Mini sure is cute next to Mandy!

Enjoy your delicious gourmet cat food.

Cool stuff Eric, now Mandy has a a kitten to snoopevise.
What a great week of surprises. We like Mini, and s/he? goes so well with Mandy.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
Wow! You are one lucky cat! Great presents.
Oh Mini looks wonderful with Mandy! What great presents - we love mail!
Wow! You got lots of presents! You're a very lucky mancat :-D
Goodness you sure did get lots a presents. That was nice of Monty Q sending you a baby squillion. Mini has your coloring. We have a baby squillion too. Mom bidded on it and no one out bid her. She is a little grey one, and name Iris de Mayo. Iris for Laura's cats, because that's what the bidding was for, and de Mayo because that was the day we recieved Iris. Cinco de Mayo.

Oh Eric, how exciting - a day full of surprise packages! I like days like that.
Too cool! Presents all day! BTW, I’d like to tell you that my hilariously funny book, The World Is Your Litter Box, is in bookstores now and is also available on Amazon. The book is cleverly disguised as a cute cat book so humans will buy it, but is, in fact, a how-to manual FOR cats. Check it out on my website,
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