Sunday, June 15, 2008


Easy Like Sunday With My Dad

Because it is Father's Day, here are some pictures of me with my dad.

Here we are taking a nap on the human bed.
Here we are relaxing on a Sunday afternoon.
Here I am teaching him the way to nap on the floor. He is almost as good at relaxing as I am!

You and your dad are like twins (non identical of course) the way you both relax together in the same way.Happy Father's Day to your dad.
Happy Dads day to your dad. They are awesome pictures of you both relaxing together.

Hope he gets lots of love and treats.
If you were a bun... we'd say excellent flopage. Flopage = brilliant flop.
HAHAHAHA, you sure have taught your Dad good on how to relax and nap. Happy Dad's Day.
It looks like Daddy and Rudy!
What a relaxed pair of guys!
Those are great photos of you and your dad, Eric. You dad looks like he can relax as well as my dad.

Happy Father's Day

Roxy & Lucky
Happy Daddykitty's Day!
Happy Father's Day to your dad! He looks very fun to lay around with!
You are a furry good relaxer. It's good you are teachin' your dad to be a good relaxer too. Beans should relax more.
You've taught him well, Eric. I hope he had a very happy Father's Day!
Aw, you look like two cool dudes!
I couldn't tell the dad from the cat in those pictures. You go into identical postures for napping. Hope dad doesn't snore.
You guys look like you were having great naps. You're an excellent nap teacher Eric.

Fanks for coming to my shower! I know it was awfully late for you. It was super having you there :)
Aw, it looks like it was a great Father's Day for you guys!
You are so lucky to have such a good Relaxing Partner!
ah, you have certainly taught your daddy the art of napping well. He could be an honorary cat!!

Happy Father's Day
Oh Eric, you are such a Daddy's boy. In every picture you are napping in the same position as your Dad! You are very lucky to have such a good napping bean.
Dads like napping with us. Moms are too busy doing their slave duties.
We have to snuggle them at night
Those are such awesome photos, Fat Eric!
You have a great dad. He sleeps just like a cat - anywhere at any time. He's a keeper!

purrs and tail wags
We just love the photos of you napping with your Dad. Mum likes the way your legs stick out like drumsticks, heehee.
What a good Dad you have, Eric!
Luvs the fotos!!! Who is copy-catting whom?

These are great photos!!!!

You guys nap in the same positions! How neat is that?
I like all of these pictures of you and your Dad napping!
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