Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Tattle-Tail Tuesday

This is being a stressful week in our house. My mum's school got the dreaded phone call yesterday to say they were being inspected by OFSTED on Thursday and Friday this week. British readers will know that visits from OFSTED inspectors are guaranteed to cause fear and dread in school staffrooms across the country. Now my mum and all the other teachers are running round like headless chickens trying to get ready before the inspectors come in. Lots of tidying the classrooms, lots of smartening up the wall displays, lots of checking that all the paperwork is in order, and lots of threatening the children to behave themselves while the inspectors are in school! My mum had a meeting before school today, another meeting at lunchtime and then all the teachers worked really late tonight getting ready.

Can you see the problem here? That's right - LOTS of time to do all those things for the OFSTED inspectors but NOT much time for giving the kitty fuss and attention! Not to mention when she FINALLY gets home from school she goes and does more work on the computer which means not only do I miss out on snuggles and laptime, I can't spend much time on the computer visiting my friends! Meanwhile, my dad is pandering to her by doing lots of cooking and cleaning and passing her glasses of wine from time to time.

When the inspectors have been and gone, she is going to owe me a LOT of laptime!

If my mum was a cat, right now she would be looking something like this...

Oh my goodness! My mom had an inspection thingy like that this past spring and looked exactly like the cat in the picture!

My mom survived. Hope yours does too. Nice of your Dad to pass glasses of wine to your Mum from time to time. Be patient. I'm sure you'll get lots of lap time soon!
Dear Fat Eric,
I will repeat the philosophy of my mom's 6th class headmistress:

"Put it in the bin!"

That's right, clean it up, throw it out! Actually, what my mom really does is hide it under the bed. And I am learning from her!

I think your mommy should take you to work with her. You'd charm those inspectors so much with your handsomeness they'd give them a passing grade without ever looking around!
Ha, ha, ha.....if your Mum looks like that kitty then she is very stressed! I hope your Dad is making up some of your needed lap time!
Good luck to your mum! I'm sure she will to great!! Tell her not get to stressed, we will purr for her and you! :) ~Queen Snickers
Oh no! if your mum looks like that kitty, she must be feeling really frazzled.Good luck to her with the inspection.
Ohhh, that sounds like a whole bunch of NOT FUN! We hope the days go by quick and everything turns out okay.

Roxy & Lucky

PS love the picture of the kitty.
We know that given the choice, your Mum would sooooo rather be cuddleing with you!
Oh, no. We hope the inspection goes well. You could try doing what Mom does when overwhelmed, she files everything under Later.
oh we is just shur that your mom will come through wif flying colors!!! and THEN she OWES you big time
Oh Eric a surprise inspection by the official people. Yeck. Hope it goes well, tell your Dad to keep the wine coming!
Oh no, that's not good. i'm sorry to hear your mommy has lots to do for the School.
Eric, this sounds terrible, for both you and your mum. We hope all goes well!
Our mom feels bad fur yoor mom...she used to hate inspections. It's good yoor dad is helping her and passing glasses of wine...ours never did.
We hopes all went well for your Mum...and now things should get back to normal and you can have your kitty time...

Your person is going to need lots of purrs and laptime when she is done!
Yikes! It seems very scairty, but I am sure all will go well with the inspection.
That sure sounds bad, but we're sure your Mum will do well!
Ack! Would she really look like that cat?

Intercept a glass or two of wine when your dad passes it. That will help you get through the next couple of days. Then your mom will collapse and need lots of attention, which of course you will be prepared to give her.
Your poor mum! I hope everything goes well ...

I hope you get lots of snuggles when it's all over!
Sounds like OFSTED should be visitin kitty homes... Bet yer litterbox would be cleaned efry hour!
Your poor mom! But worse yet . . . POOR YOU!!!!

I hope you get lots of cuddles and treats this weekend to make up for all of the neglect.
Oh no. Just make sure she stays pullin' her own hair owt and duzn't touch yurs!. Yoo'll haf to give her lots of lovin to calm her down. We'll come ofur and help.
Poor Eric... But reading this today, it is only ONE day. That means that upcoming weekend all the stress is gone and you gets lots of snuggle time together!! :-)

Hugs and headbutts,
Karl & Ruis
Oh for heavens sake, need to drag out the "cat rule book" and point out the one that says

1. Nothing is more important than the cat
Hi Eric! How didi that inspection go?

What ever happened to the good old days when schools were for creative play and reading, writing and maths? (We have friends who are teachers and they feel very weary with all the tests and standards and so forth)

Anyhoo... I hope everyone can destress this weekend.
We hope her wild kids behaved themselves!
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