Thursday, June 05, 2008


Terror On Thursday

There is more than one Evil Intruder Cat invading my garden. There is the evil Little Black Kitty who came into my kitchen the other day and ate MY FOOD! There is the evil white kitty who hides behind my mum's tomato plants while trying to pounce on my birdies on their feeders. There is the evil tabby kitty who hangs around trying to eat the hedgehog's food before he gets to it.

Also there is an evil black and white kitty who hangs out in my garden a lot. He has now been caught on camera.

Here he is daring to hang around MY pond disturbing MY newts. He wouldn't do this if he didn't know I was trapped indoors and unable to get at him! Here he is drinking MY water out of MY pond. What a nerve.
And here he is making his escape.
Things are getting out of hand. I may need reinforcements to rid my garden of this plague of evil intruders!

Meanwhile, my Cornish Auntie has come to stay for the weekend, so I am unleashing a charm offensive on her so that I can get extra Greenies!

We'll be right ofur. Momma is going to see Grammie and the rest of owr fambly this w/e, so we won't be missed. See ya soon!
~Meeko & Kiara
Oh, Eric! That sounds so frustrating. As the Alpha Cat of the Ballicai, I understand how annoying it is to have strange cats inside your perimeter.

I am at your service to help drive off the evil intruders. We'll set up a perimeter patrol for security, and we'll keep the intruders out -- drive them off when they get too close.

*donning my combat boots*


Thanks for asking about Marilyn! She's doing very well. She's eating crunchies now! But she's still enjoying her stinky goodness and chicken-flavored baby food, too. In fact, we all are -- when she gets treats, the rest of us Ballicai do, too!

Rumbly purrs and floofy headbonks from Brainball.
Well. That about does it for evil intruders now doesn't it? Way out of hand.

As for large panther type poodins with the Ham-Micks, yes, the panther type poodins do stretch the beds out but, they tend to like it that way. At one time, Maw was reinforcing them with additional cushioning underneath. But, we assured her that this COULD NOT BE. Therefore, she has done away with the additional cushioning underneath. Ask Eric & Flynn about their Ham-Mick. They luf it!

Luf, Us
Eric, I think you need some guards around your house. It is entirely too tempting to cats who are not you.

Enjoy your Auntie!
Be furry careful of da evil introoders. One came into my yard an attacked me. Luckily he couldn't get frew my floofiness and hurt me. Yoo might be ok wif all yur floofiness but it is a furry scary ordeal.
Ate your food? How rude!
No evil intooders allowed! We get dem in our yard too, but then again mom has houses fur dem to stay in when it's cold and she always feed's hard to chase dem away when she treats dem almost as well as she does us!
Ginger Private Derby reporting for duty to scare off all evil intruder kitties.
Oh, how can we help?
I will pack my bags and be ready to leave the moment you say the word. You sound like you need a "Devil" to help you get rid of those nasty intruder cats.

Geez the indignity of it all! We will come on over and help you get rid of all those intruders!
Your FL furiends,
Oh. My. God.
Good luck with getting lots of Greenies! You certainly do have a lot of intruders hanging about!
Tut! Troublesome intruder cats require special measures Eric. I have a suggestion that may help them remember that it is YOUR garden and they are not welcome. If you have a litter tray indoors, ask your Mum to put some of the litter that has your wee on it, around the garden, especially on any parts of the garden where you see the wretched intruder cats lurking, marking or rolling about. Also put some on any places where you see the intruders entering your domian. When I came to live here and couldn't go out for a few weeks, my humans did this and it helped quite alot, intruders would come in, sniff and then go away, but my human had to replenish my "scent" in the garden a few times over a couple of weeks, until I could go out and make the "scent" myself ;)
We'll be right over to help out Eric! Those intruders won't know what hit them!
Good grief! Four intruders in your yard are about four too many!
Well, the Sherwood Bunch, with the exception of yours truly, have all volunteered to come to your assistance. You have three brash, rowdy young man cats and two tough a#s tortie gals willing to help.
Missy Blue Eyes
Eric, I am teleporting over right away to help with the infux of intruders! The nerve! Wandering around YOUR garden! We'll scare them off!

Oh, there is just one problem - I'm not allowed outside. Will that be much of a problem do you think?
My goodness, so many intruders! I had a chipmunk intruder in my porch but when I brought it in the house and showed my mom she sent it out the front door! Maybe your mum can help get rid of your intruders!

Purrrrrrrs, China Cat
Sounds like they are treating your yard like a private resort!
You need to check the edge of your yard and make sure there isn't a welcome mat there. The word is out that your place is the place to be. You need to borrow a doggie for the day, that sure would show them.
Eric, we are so sorry that you are having evil intruders in your garden. We had Mom invite an interloper into our house before (over Christmas) and we know exactly what you are going thru.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
Yikes! It's bad enough to have to share stuff with kitties that live with you, but Evil Intruder Kitties? NO WAY! And, you should tell your mom that your dad was NOT feeding you too much while she was was that black kitty who was eating all your food!
We've got a neighbor kitty who goes through other kitty's kitty doors and makes himself at home too. Rude!
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