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What, mum? What am I looking at? No, there's no one at the back door! You don't need to come and check!
Yes, he is rather skinny but he's an Evil Intruder Cat! Let me do my job and chase him away!

WHAT THE...??? Is that some of MY Stinky Goodness? Did I give permission for this???!!!
Hey! That's MY mum! Go away and stop making the cute faces at her!
Let me out of this room! I want to go and chase him away!

Shocking eh Eric? Evil Intruder cat being given YOUR stinky goodness! I was once an evil intruder cat and was like that little ginger guy, skinnier & grubbier actually. I had no home and no where to relax and clean myself up. But my Mum is like your Mum and helped me out. How about thinking of yourself as a mighty benefactor of the deprived? - there might be some extra stinky goodness in it for you ;)
Oh Eric! How could you not want to help that poor skinny kitty? What a lovely little face!
Is that a collar I see? How can that kitty belong to someone and be so skinny???
Eric!! What is happening in your garden lately? You seem to be invaded by Evil Introoder kitties.He is very skinny though so maybe you could spare him a little Stinky Goodness. Think of it as your good turn for the day (every day?) and he is ginger, that's got to count for something.Maybe he thought he could come to a ginger brother for help.
Dear Eric,
Is there catnip in your garden? If there is, I might sneak over and try it out. The nip is always greener on the other side of the Atlantic. Except, I can't swim. Oh, well, your garden is safe from me!
Abby Normal
Hi Eric,

I know you do not want that Intruder cat to have your stinky goodness, but he looks like a feral cat. I used to be a feral cat once, and I can tell you it isn't any fun at all. I was always hungry, and I never knew if I would get some good food to eat. You have a terrific forever home, and you KNOW you will always have food to eat, so let the little guy have a bit of it. Think of it as a way of helping him out until he finds a forever home.

Now if your Mum starts petting him and offers to bring him inside to live with you, that's another story.
Evil introoder kitty has such a sweet endearing face and he was starving. WE are so happy dat yur Mum gave him sum foods juss fink dat yoo did sumfing reely gud dat helpe a kitty in needs...

it was nice of your mum to feed him. we noticed that he/she has a collar on so he/she might already haf a furever home and gotted out or losted. was there a tag on the collar? he/she is very cute
Yup, dat cat is makin love faces at YOUR beans. I'd be jealous too. But maybe affer a meal, it will go home. Or yur mom can help it get home if it's losted. Make sure you get yur stink all ofur yur mom so that cat knows she's YOURS an not available!
The intruder was given your stinky goodness? Oh no way! You have got to protest this - put the paw down and let the human know who is in charge! We cannot believe she gave away your food!!
Oh look at that intruder cat eating your food. I hope you do not starve and become Skinny Eric or Starvation Eric because that just does not sound as good as Fat Eric.
Well bless his liddle hart. He duz luk a teeny bit small.

Luf, Us
Hey, maybe he could be a new brofurr for ya. That way when the beans are too busy doin' .... whatever it is beans do you could have someone to nap & play with. I'm sure your Mum & Dad would get extra foods so you won't have to share. Of course if it gets really bad let me know and I'll send you some of mines free food. I won't let a fellow ginger bro starve!!
Oh My Paws and Whiskers! He reminds me of my new cousin Rudy . . . Rudy makes love eyes at MY mommy like that!
Ohhh It starts with the cute face! The the next thing you know, WHAM you got yourself little sisters! ~Queen Snickers
He looks awfully hungry, Eric. You have a nice mum!
oh no this is horrendous. Before you know it, he will be moving in. I am so sorry. x
uh oh...i think you may have another member of the Gorgeous your house!

he looks awfully hungry, and skinny. that makes me sad cause i was like that once. still, i would not like to share my mommy.
Whut da . . .?! Stinky goodness fer a intruder? Whut is yer beans thinking!
I think that kitty has been hanging out on my front porch lately. She always runs away when mom comes home from work, but boy, does she leave the fur on the rocking chair cushions.
Oh, Eric, he looks hungry and in need of some TLC. Can't you let you mom take care of him? He won't steal her away, just borrow some of her attention.

purrs and tail wags
a collar? is that poor kitty lost? or just neglected and hungry? if your mom starts putting the food out, she's gonna end up like our Lady's mom - now there are 3 adults and 4 kittens on her back patio every morning. none of them are her cats, but they all want food.
Another evil intruder cat! My goodness, Eric, do you need help? Let me know, I will be on the SST before you can say boo!

Eric how can you not share with a poor, little, skinny ginger kittie? I hope he finds his way home or did his beans move and leave him?

Either way, I hope his story has a happy ending.
Oh Eric, that poor little kitty looks hungry and lost!

We hope he finds his family!

Thank you for coming to our party yesterday!
Poor kitty. He is very skinny. I'm glad your Mum fed him. I wonder if he's lost, since he does have a collar on.
you know my room? MY room? the room I share with MY (formerly) Blonde Girl? guess what's in it? give you a hint...not ME. yup. a skinny abandoned sick fluffy ginger kitty. our Lady must have been inspired by your post because she brought him home last night.
Eric, Is your mum going to adopt the evil intruder??? It almost looks like it.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
He looks like a sweet intruder kitty. We are happy you shared (however begrudgingly) your food with him.
Mommy says he looks sweet and it was nice of you to share - we say run off that interloper!
You know, I really don't mind alien cats in the yard, as long as they don't bite on my birds. And this boy *does* look like he'd be fun to know. (And my mom says he is handsome--not as handsome as you, though, Eric.)
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