Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Farewell Mu Shue

Our Gorgeous Ginger friend Mu Shue has become a Rainbow Ginger. Many purrs to Laura and his family.

I am purring for Mu shue's family, also.
Yes, lotsa purrs for Mu shue's fambly.
We are purring for the family.
Mu Shue was a hero.
we are so sad to lose such a good friend. he will always have a special place for us.

it sounds like you had a very stressful Sunday. next time, telyport over here. mommy hasn't brought out the sucky machine in ages.
We will miss MuShue.
Eric we had to come over and make sure you were all right. We saw the photo in the paper on Thursday of all the vishus deer in Richmond Park. Be very careful.
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