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Jailhouse Blog

I'm in jail!

Still, it could be worse. This time I am at a different kitty jail from the one I have been to before. Last time my mum wasn't very happy with them because she felt their new staff weren't as caring and they didn't groom me properly even though she was paying them extra for grooming.

So she looked around for a different kitty jail and she found out that the Cat Sanctuary where Hattie and I were adopted from in 2003 has now opened a boarding section next door so that their former adoptees can come back for holidays.

My humans dropped me off this morning. Not without some difficulty. I saw the Evil Cat Carrier coming out and I managed to escape out of the back door and hid in the garden behind some bushes and my humans had to spend some time looking for me. When they found me I was covered in grass seeds so then I had to been groomed again before being stuffed in the Evil Cat Carrier. Then we got stuck in a big traffic jam trying to get to the kitty jail and it was all a bit hot and stressful.

The kitty jail seems nicer than the other one I went to before. They have pretty flowers. When I checked in, the girl said "Who is this?" and my mum said "Fat Eric", and she said "Not Fat Eric who has a website???" I'M SO FAMOUS!!! It's true! Actually it's because the cat sanctuary adoption part has stories on its website about their adoptees and how they are getting on, and I am mentioned on there.

I think they must have known a celebrity was coming to stay because they had saved me one of the nicest cells with a garden view. I took my Gizzy Quilt and my Scratchy Mouse and my other stuff but they had already provided a cosy fleece and some nice toys and they knew about my diabetic diet and everything. It's not so bad, as jails go.

My humans are going to Oslo tomorrow, then Bergen. I get rescued from kitty jail on August 6th so I'll see my blogging friends then. I'll probably be exhausted by then, signing pawtographs for my adoring fans here.

See you later!

Well, if you can't be home, at least you're in a place that knows what a celebrity you are. That means they'll take extra special care of you.

Safe trip to your humans.
Jail ... that sucks, Fat Eric. Any chance of you breakin' out an' teleporting over to San Diego for the ComicCon?

Ooo ... an' it's furry cool that you were "recognized" an' are FAMOUS!
Well at least they understand you are a celebrity and you will get treated correctly!
Oh Eric, you are a star, famous internet cat celebrity. Have a good holiday, hope to hear about your adventures when you are back home.
Well at least your celebrity status is being recognised. Just remember to limit the amount of pawtographs that you give so you don't get writer's cramp.We hope your Beans have a lovely holiday, and we'll see you when you get released.
Eric, your kitty jail looks absolutely fabulous!! We think you will be having a lovely holiday while your mom and dad are away.

Brenda & Ninja
Oh dear. Well, at least they understand that you are an important internet celebrity cat and will treat you accordingly. We hope the time goes by quickly for you and that you are reunited with your beans soon.

I am glad you are in a much nicer place this time. And you are very famous!
Pace yourself with the pawtographs and you should be fine. We have a feeling you are really going to enjoy your vacation there.

Laila and Minchie
Wow, that's amazing that you're so famous!!! I hope you have at least an okay time there in jail!
Do you need help breaking out?
Woohoo, you're a celebrity! Enjoy the good treatment your status should afford and have a good time. I hope your Mum and Dad have a great holiday too. I hope you were all safe from those vishus deer:) xxx
You are a superstar! I bet you get VIP tweetment in between all that ortograph signing !!
You're famous! That sounds like a nice far as jails go.
Eric your jail is far more posh than my kittie spa! I am envious of your place to stay. Plus, now that you are with your adoring fans...well perhaps the time will go quickly for you.
Yer in jail fer like 10 days?
Eric, I gave you an award. Stop by and pick it up.

Maxwell Smartkitty
At least you are getting celebrity treatment!
That looks like a very nice jail, for a jail. I hope you enjoy your stay. I am glad you are getting star treatment :-)
Hi Eric,
That really looks like a pretty place to stay while your mum and dad are off galavanting about Norway. Maybe you'll see some humming birds come to taste the flowers!! That would be very interesting. Can't wait to hear all about your time and your mum and dad's vacation when they get back.
Well, that pwace sounds at weast wespectable. I hope you have a good time.
sending purrs your way, Eric!! Courage, my friend. Your beans will be back soon.

Pearl & Pumpy
Sounds like you'll be around some nice people while you are in kitty jail, and adoring fans, too. It's so cool that you were recognized. And who knows, maybe you'll see a jailbird while you are there.
I am glad to hear that if you have to be in kitty jail, it is at least a nicer kitty jail!

Hope your humans have a safe trip and hurry back to spoil you!

Abby Normal
Saturday 8/2:
How ya doing Eric?!!?
Aren't they home YET?
Checking in with you FE, it is now Monday the 4th. Just a few more days and you will be out!
That is very cool that you were recognized. We hope your visit doesn't seem to long with your adoring fans around.

We hope your parents have a safe trip.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
Just stopping by to hope you are having a good time at the kitty's the 4th of August now so only a couple more days and your mum and dad will free you. Hope they bring you some fun toys and yummy treats back with them.
Yur jail or possibly vacation sankshooary since yoo am such a famous kitty there is almost ofur. We can't wait to hear about how yoo were adored by yur servants there.
We just wanted to stop by and say “Hi”! Mommy finally got home so we can blog again!
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