Sunday, July 20, 2008


Stressful Sunday

The weather has not been very nice lately (windy, rainy, not at all summery) so my humans and I had decided to have a quiet Sunday at home. I was snoozing happily in front of the TV when my dad ruined everything by deciding to get the vacuum monster out. I always run out of the room when the vacuum monster comes out so I went and meowed to go out in the back garden because the sun was out for a change.

I was just about to settle down for a little sunbathe on the patio when I heard a scary sound...BARKING!!! A big terrifying woofie had come to spend the afternoon with our neighbour and it was in her garden LOOKING at me through the gate! I went all hissy and spitty and we had a bit of a stand-off...I have a big phobia about woofies and I hardly ever see them because none of our neighbours own one. Then the woofie started growling at me and I decided I had better go indoors in case it somehow managed to get through two gates and assault me. But when I went to the patio door to go in, the evil vacuum monster was still being operated inside! What was I to do? Scary woofie outside, scary vacuum monster inside...there was nowhere to run!

At this point I may have lost some of my macho mancat credibility as I sat by the back door screaming "Mummy!"

My mum came and picked me up to carry me to safety but I was so stressed that I sank all my claws into her shoulder and caused some unintentional bloodletting which made her say bad words. Then she took me indoors and upstairs to where she was sorting laundry.

But then! My dad stressed me out even more by bringing the evil vacuum monster upstairs! I went and hid behind the bin in the human bedroom and did some trembling. Then when I heard the vacuum monster going into the spare room I made a bid for freedom, across the landing, down the stairs! Where I went to my food bowl and did some comfort eating with my fur sticking out all ruffled.

Now the evil woofie has gone home and I have been plied with Greenies my nerves are starting to recover.

What a stressful Sunday!

P.S. My mum's school trip was quite successful. They have one more week to go before the schools here finish for the summer holidays. This should be good news but I am concerned about talk of passports and buying kroner...what are they planning? Does this mean kitty jail?

My goodness! Don't your mum and dad know Sunday is a day of quiet and relaxation for us kitties? We lead such stressful, busy lives during the week we need a day to recharge.

Laila and Minchie
Holy moley Eric, you HAVE had a stressful Sunday! A barky, growly woofie and the sucky monster all in one day is just too much for a kitty to bear! You don't have to be a mancat when faced with that much stress! We hope you recover from this really, really fast, so you can enjoy the rest of your Sunday!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
Oh dear Eric, that sounds like a very troubling day. I hope tomorrow goes better.

I am happy to hear that the children were much better behaved this last time.
Poor Eric, what a rotten Sunday. I hope you get lots of loving snuggles, extra stinky goodness and lots of general worship as compensation for such a horrible time.
Oh dear poor poor Eric. We have a solution... the Zoolatry Human says you can send your dad here anytime to run the vacuum. She never knew that dad's were able to do that! Of course, we wouldn't like it either, no matter who was running it around.
Oh my goodness! You have had an awful Sunday. I'm so sorry, Eric. I think you should spend the rest of the napping.
p.s. Are you going to enter my contest? Your Full Eric on the 22nd is grrrreat!
Gee Eric!! That was a traumatic way to spend the day!!!Scary dogs and a Dad with a rug sucking monster coming after you !!! :o
I am happy your Mom rescued you and treated you too!!
Purrs Mickey
Oh Eric, what a terrible Sunday you have had. We hate the sucky machine too. You have to be careful or it will try and eat your tail.We rarely see dogs too.In the winter we sometimes see the gun dogs, but they are very boisterous. Our neighbour has one, but we are not allowed anywhere near it because it would eat us if it could. Mum's note: It really would, it's a lurcher and hates any other animals).
Are your Beans going to Norway? Our Beans went there last year on a cruise.
Eric, what a terrible ordeal for you!
A poofed out Eric must be a sight to behold! We are glad you are relaxing and getting your nerves under control.
After all that, you need a super duper nap!
Eric the sucking monster was out here too. If you have to go off to kittie jail, can you teleport over here instead?
Hope the rest of your day was less stressful!
I gave your mum a shout out and some virtual candy over at my Uncle Mo poem today @ the Cat Blogosphere!
Oh Eric, yoo don't haf to be a brave mancat when faced wif a growly woofie...dat would be foolish. And den yoor dad, which we find odd cuz we din't know dat men could even turn da sucky monster on, ran da sucky monster! How rude is dat. We hope dat yoor nerves have been properly soothed and the rest of yoor Sunday much more restful.
Oh dear! That sounds pretty stressful! And kitty jail!? Oh no!!!!
Doood! A woofie and a sucky monster...that's, like getting caught between the proverbial rock and hard place. I'd pooped on something, just because...
Eric, what a stressfull day. And a Sunday to boot.

We're not sure gobs of Greenies would be enough. We would require major cuddles and pets after that.
Oh my goodness!!! What a stressful day!!!

We hope today is more relaxing!
What an absolutely awful Sunday! Made me puff up and shake all over just reading of your "hair raising" adventures with evil woofies and evil vacuum monsters. *shudder*

Maybe they are going to take you on a cruise of the Norwegian fiords. Good luck and keep us posted.
Goodness Eric, I think I would have lost all my ManCat-lyness too. That's too much for a kitty to have to bear! Thank goodness for your Mum, at least she could rescue you from some of the badness!
Oh Eric, what a terribly stressful Sunday. Thank goodness it is over. We may be woofies, but we would never get all barky and scary. Too bad we were not there to protect you.

Roxy & Lucky
Yikes! What a hard day ya had...

Woofies and sucky monsters at the same time. We would haf all just split in two an panicked ofer both of them at the same time!
Oh, Eric, I'm sorry your weekend sucked. I HATE that vacuum monster, too!
Oh no, Poor Eric. We can see why you had to call for your mummy. We hope you are fully recovered from the horrible vacuum and the mean woofie.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
Oh my that is no way to spend a Sunday. That dog ruining your happy place like that! At least you got some Greenies.
what a horrible horrible day! we're all scared of woofies and the evil vacuum monster too, 'cept fur Riley. she'll go right up to the EVM and won't care at all. she's not afraid of fireworks or thunder or the neighbor's Harley Davidson either. we thought maybe she was deaf, but she can hear the sound of the Temptations bag from several rooms away.

guess what? she's there now - my (formerly) Blonde Girl is in London! she'll be there till Friday, when she flies home to me. if you see her, please give her a hug and tell her I really really really miss her. thanks!
Good grief what a stressful day. Hope you's gotten some rest.
We iz sad you had such a tuff day ~ a cute floofy ginger like you should get all the rest and comfort on a Sunday ~ sending you purrs from all of us..
SnowForest human here ~ thank you for your comforting words after the recent loss of our cat Forest..we appreciate your support and are sending you many kind regards and hoping that your next weekend is less stressful..
do you see her? do you see my (formerly) Blonde Girl?
Wow, it's interesting.... too want to read about your summer vacations & your vacation trip.
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