Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Tired Tuesday

It is hot today. My humans are hot and feel like lying around but they have to go to work anyway. I feel lucky that if I want to just lie around all day, I can!

I am frustrated because I am hardly being given any time to visit the cat blogosphere. My mum is finishing off writing the end-of-year reports on the children she teaches. I always hate this time of year because she is working all the time and ignoring me. She hasn't even got round to downloading the squillions of pictures we have on the camera.

My Devon Grandma is coming for a short visit tomorrow, on her way home from staying with Uncle Sim in Montana. My humans won't see much of her because they are working but I will try to be a good host.

Here is a strange story about a cat in Cambridgeshire who is best friends with...a LION! Weird.

P.S. The hungry ginger kitty in my previous post has not come back yet.

It looks like your visitor is wearing a collar. Maybe he lives nearby.
Oh, dear. We're sorry you ginger visitor hasn't returned. He looks very skinny and hungry!
Dear Eric,
You can send any visitors my way if you like. I would like a friend!
Abby Normal
Ah, good news about the intruder cat. bad news about your mum. Try to give her extra attention if you can. It sounds like she needs it.

I'm sorry your mum's been so busy. And hot.

Hope you had nice naps today!
I hope that your person gets finished so she can pay attention to you again. Sigh. Humans can be such poor managers of their time.
Both the heat and the work are bound to let up some time--hang in there!
It is so hot here too. So humid.
See how we cool off!
Bummer that your beans are so busy. At least you can take it easy. Maybe the ginger kittie was just passing through town.
China Cat & I are having the same problem with nobody helping us to visit and blog... I'm glad I got to quickly visit you today though!

Purrrrrrrs, Willow
Hopefully after your mum finished up her year-end reports, she will have some time to spend with you before having to get ready for the next year.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
How about standing on the back of your Mum's chair Eric, putting your paws on her shoulders and massaging her whilst she writes the reports? This would ensure extra stinky goodness for your expert services.
Arnie and Zara look so cute together! I have not seen that story before.
That's a cute article!

Too bad your Mum is too busy. Hopefully she will have a couple of weeks of rest here shortly.

Luf, Us
Busy Mum's are a pain, but at least you'll have your Devon Grandma to keep you busy for a bit.
I wood be mad too if my peeple ignored me and fed my stinky goodniss to sum stranger cat.

Hang in thare!
Isn't it the worst when the beans are ignoring you! My Mum has been ill the last 10 days and the only attention I got was when I was cuddling her when she was sleeping!

Take advantage of your time with your Devon Grandma!
Isn't it the worst when the beans are ignoring you! My Mum has been ill the last 10 days and the only attention I got was when I was cuddling her when she was sleeping!

Take advantage of your time with your Devon Grandma!
Maybe your Devon Grandma can give you lots of extra attention your mum and dad don't have time to give you right now. I understand that's what grandma's are for...right?
well, maybe your ginger visitor has a nice family and just that day got mussed up. i hope he is OK.

i'm sorry your beans are so busy. mine are in the same boat. i miss visiting my friends. you should come to my house trashing party on Sunday. it'll keep you busy and teach my beans not to leave me alone!
Oh oh! We remember this time from last year! Your poor mum is going to need quality time with you when she is done, so be ready!
Does end-of-the-year reports means that your Mum is going to get a break real soon?
I'm sorry your Mum is too busy to help you visit. Maybe soon she'll have much more time for you.

I hope the hungry ginger cat is okay.
Don't worry, Fat're irresistable..they can't live without lovin' on you for long!

That poor ginger kitty probably just needs some love..and some food, too!
Happy 4th of July. Our independence day.

::waving the Stars and Stripes::
Thank you Eric. When mom went to England ages ago, she looked in the dictionary there for the American Revolution. It said "A minor war with major consequences."
Mom always remembered that and thought it was funny.

Roxy & Lucky
We miss you Eric, and hope that your Mum finishes her reports really soon so you can post again!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
Hope you are having a good visit. That hungry ginger kitty is awful cute ... I'd be OK sharing some stinky goodness -- just enough, though.

Thanks for wishing us a Happy Independence Day. Mom and Dad have a British friend who gets very snide this time of year.
Dat hungry kitty is furry cute. Yoo need to stay on full alert in case he comes back to eat more of yur stinky goodness.
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