Sunday, August 24, 2008


Easy Like A Patriotic Sunday

Well, my mum is back from Cornwall. I have been a very confused kitty for the last week, what with the THREE visits to the v-e-t, then my dad going away for three days, then my mum going away for three days. I was particularly upset on Wednesday when first my mum disappeared and then my dad took me to the v-e-t by himself, which never happens. He had some trouble getting me into the Evil Cat Carrier because only my mum knows how to do this. Then we had to wait in the waiting room at the v-e-t's for over half an hour with some scary d-o-gs.

The v-e-t said that I was doing all right and he gave my dad some special stuff to clean the sore spot on my tail where I have been licking one of the shaved patches. My dad was supposed to put the special stuff on my tail twice a day, but he failed to because I wouldn't let him! No way was I letting that stuff on my tail, it smelt horrible. Luckily when my mum got home last night she looked at my tail and said the sore spot was healing up very nicely anyway. But my dad is cross because he spent money on the special cleaning stuff.

I was not a happy kitty when my mum was away. I really missed her and I didn't eat much and I sat on her pillow looking for her and I stayed under the table looking sad. My dad was worried about me. When she got home last night I was so happy and I gave her lots of kisses and licked her hair a lot (but I have to stretch to do this now because she has had it cut really short). Today I have been following her round the house and sitting on her a lot. I am happy again and ate all my food. I went outside and helped her do gardening too. We also watched the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics on TV and the handing over of the flag to London - that's where I live! There was a big party outside Buckingham Palace this afternoon to celebrate London 2012 but my humans did not go to it. We did see the Red Arrows flying over London though.

Here are some pictures my mum took of me today so you can see how I am doing. I am very clever and posed in these pictures so you cannot see my shaved bottom, only the floofy bits!!! I still look handsome from these angles even though I look weird from other angles. I was helping with the gardening at the time. There is lots of gardening to do because all the rain we have been having has made everything grow and grow, especially the weeds. But today was sunny. And tomorrow is a Bank Holiday Monday so my dad has the day off work. Only one more week until school starts again and my mum has to start taming her new class, so we have to make the most of it!

Oh yes, and we are all feeling very proud of the 19 gold medals that Team GB won in Beijing. In fact, we're feeling so patriotic today that I may just have to wave this...

You look good - you know - despite the shaved bum.
We're glad your mum's back Eric. You look like you are enjoying relaxing outdoors. We had some sun today as well, at last!! All the rain has made lots of mum's bedding plants rot. She says her borders are very disappointing this year.
Oh Eric, I am glad things are getting back to normal for you. I hope your bum starts feeling better for you.
We're so glad your Mum is back, Eric. We know how you felt with her gone because we really do not like it at all when Mom is gone.
Good of you to pose with your shaved bits away from the flashy box. My mum would have made sure to get pictures.

In the time warp of the world, the Tv is just starting the closing Olympic ceremony here now.

Enjoy your holiday and your last full week home with your mum.
I think you look great!

I missed my mom when she was gone for 9 days and am still fussing at her for it.
I'm so glad that your Mum is home!
Dads are nice, but we mancats really are mamma's boys. I think its the soft pillows they have on their chests.

I's especially glad that your ummm ... digestive issue is better.
Hi Eric,
I'm so glad you are feeling much better and that your mum is home so that she can lavish you with the love you deserve.

Congratulations on the GB Team winning 19 GOLD Medals! My mom says she would like to come to the 2012 games. Don't know if that is just a fantasy or a possibility


P.S. I tagged you for a meme...come see.
Very clever of yoo to hide da shaved parts...glad yoor feeling better.
You're lookin good Eric :) Smart to hide the shaved parts until they grow out.
ConCATS on the GB Team winning so many medals!
Maybe we'll get lucky and can visit you for the 2012 Olympics.
the Hotties
First, you'll always be handsome no matter what gets shaved.

We are very very glad that your beans are BOTH home and that your mommy gets an extra holiday to make up for being gone.

Congrats to all your athletes for their great performances and all those medals.

You keep feeling good buddy!
Eric, we are glad that your Mum is back. It is not right for her to leave you when you aren't feeling well. We are glad you are feeling better tho.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
Oh dear Ewic, I've not been able to visit for a while and I'm so sowwy to hear that your tummy hasn't been well! I'm gwad you're on the mend.
I must say though, I think you'll wook handsome even if you showed your shaved bits. We handsome mancats will always be handsome no matter what!
We're glad that you are recovering well - from those pictures you would never know that your bumm is still missing floof! Thank goodness that your Mum got home, we'd hate for you not to eat.
You look beautiful, Eric ... and I'm so glad your mom is home!
It's tough when the moms go away. They really can't be replaced.

We're very relieved that you're getting better. You certainly do look like your very handsome self in those photos.

Thank you very much for the birthday wishes you sent earlier this month.

We are glad you are healing well, Eric. Those are nice photos of you in the garden.

Your floofiness won you an award!

Laila and Minchie
That is great news that your sore spot is healing and your Mum is home :-D

You look wonderful in the garden. You are so fluffy and handsome.
Thanks for stopping by and wishing me a Happy Gotcha Day Eric ... I appreciate it so much!
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