Monday, August 18, 2008


In Happier Days

Here's a picture of my floofy bottom and tail in all their former glory, back in the days before the v-e-t got to work with his clippers and disfigured my rear end with his shaving. *sigh* At least my shame cannot currently be photographed as my dad has taken the digital camera to Devon Grandma's house.

This must be quite an old picture as I was still eating dry food then, pre-diabetes, and those are my old food bowls too. I think I have lost a few pounds too since the picture was taken.

I am still being forced to take the pink tablets twice a day. I have stopped being stinky in my litter box but now I haven't pooped at all in two days. Apparently now they actually WANT to see poop. There's no pleasing some humans.

Thank you for the purrs of support.

Oh, bless your heart little guy. Hang in there. Now we guess you'll have to take a dump and get things rolling properly again, maybe. We're sending purrs & purrayers.

Luf, Us
What displeasure! You could not have eaten anything. Good tactics: meowing in the door of your beans asking any food. I had done the same thing! Muahahahaha!

Get weel soon.

POOP Eric! Its not good to keep that stuff, nip on the other paw ...

~ Shadow ~
Eric I am happy that you don't have photo evidence of your clip job. You can't please them, to poop or not to poop, that is the question!
Eric I hope the fact that there is no pleasing some humans is not any big surprise to you... sigh.

At any rate I hope that things continue to go well and that you feel good enough to eat regularly--so you can grow that hair back out.
Oh Eric, I had no idea all this terrible stuff was happening to you. The horror! I sure hope you get to feeling back to your old self soon. It's no good being starved to near death!
Yoor absolutely right, der is no pleasing da hoomans. Bet yoor glad yoor dad took dat camera, if yoor mom could she prolly would post dem pikshers just to embarrass yoo.
Poor Eric, we hope you feel better soon. It's no fun having poop problems of either kind.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
Glad you are feeling better Eric, don't worry, your gorgeous fur will grow back soon as autumn is on the way along with your winter coat!
Oh yeah, buddy... ya got to poop! I hope everything comes out OK... HA! Get it? Comes out OK????


love, Pearl
I am purring for poops!
Well, at least you'll be a bit cooler and it will grow back!
It's good you're not having runny poops anymore but no poops is a problem, too. I hope you poop soon. Purring for you, Eric, that you'll be all better soon.
to poop, or not to poop, that is the question. maybe your pink pills are not letting you? is that a side effect?

i hope you do poop soon. i'm sure you're mighty uncomfy. i hope they aren't runny tho!
Poor Eric. We don't know what to say but that we hope you get better soon.

Roxy & Lucky
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