Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I've Got Mail

You may remember that sometimes I get samples of free stinky goodness in the post from this Gourmet company. Like this one. We think they just send it to me because I am famous, because we never asked them to.

Now they have sent me a magazine to read, and some more free food! If you can't read the title, it says "The Connoisseur: a lifestyle guide for discerning cats and their Personal Shoppers." Then underneath it says "How I get the best from life - hints and tips from cats like you".

I didn't even know there were magazines published for cats! I have been reading the articles inside, they are very interesting, especially the letters in the agony column.

Does anyone else get magazines sent to them? I may post about some of the interesting things inside later. I have not tried the food yet.

It has been raining and blowing gales a LOT here, not very good summer holiday weather, so my mum and I have been spending a lot of time watching the Olympics on TV.

Eric, we have never been offered anything as special as your magazine. You must be very famous!

I know that Daisy got mentioned on CNN once.
Wow, Eric, not only do you get a nice magazine (looks good from here)but also free food. We agree you must be VERY famous. Enjoy the goodies.

Mindy & MOe
we would love to read some of the letters from the agony column and some articles!! a magazine for cats, by cats!! cool!
Nuh uh - I've never seen anything *like that! I think maybe you're just very special! :)
What cool mail you get Eric! I'm impressed.
Hi Eric, that is a very cool magazine, do they have a website? Hey, maybe your photo will get on there someday!=^Y^=
Wow! You are a big celebrity Eric. We never get anything like that sent. Even when mum sends off for samples, they don't arrive:(
It has actually stopped raining at the moment for the second time in
2 1/2 weeks. We'll watch out for your mum on her way down to Cornwall. Is she sailing, swimming or floating down?
I got some foods one time, but I have never gotten a magazine. That's very cool!

We are watching the Olympics, too!
What does it feel like, being so famous, Eric?
Wow! You are very famous to get food and magazines unsolicited! How cool :-D

I hope your rain stops soon.
They probably want an endorsement from a famous cat for their product, and since you are the most famous on in all the UK, well, that totally makes sense why they sent it to you.
We don't get magazines (mom gets a ton!) and the only samples we get are the ones mom sends off for.
Today was the first nice day in at least a week. We actually saw a blue sky, not gray and NO rain!
We know what you mean about not good summer weather.

Wow, Eric, you must be important to get magazines and other stuff. We never get anything in the mail except the notice that it's time to go the V.E.T.

Wally, Ernie & Zoey
There is a magazine in the US called Cat Fancy. But we don't get free copies. So tell us what this said about getting the best from life!
Wow, we've never gotten any food or a magazine. You must really be famous!
The only free thing we got was litter. It was a nice gift and we enjoyed it, but we haven't ever gotten anything as nice as you get - free food.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
It must be because you're famous, because we don't get anything sent to us that we don't have to beg for first. Looks like a fun magazine, though. My Mom's camping out in front of the TV watching the Olympics, too.
we have not gotten any magazines sent to us Fat ERic, probably because we aren't famous. We will bask in your fluffy famous shadow. What did the agony column say? ~The Fluffy Tribe
Clearly you are that famous! We've never gotten magazines sent to us. How cool are you!?
Bummer!! No one ever sends ME free stinky goodness.

Max S
I know this food. I usually ate gourmet gold on sundays but since my renal failure, can´t eat it... :´-(
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