Sunday, August 31, 2008


Sentry Duty On Sunday

Thank you for the sympathy over the terrible indignities I have been subjected to lately. I am getting back to normal now, trying to forget about my shaved patches, and my appetite has returned, causing me to walk on my humans' pillows at 5.30 a.m. demanding food. I know they enjoy that.

As my friends will know, I face a constant battle to keep my personal garden clear of the Evil Intruder Kitties who are continually trying to invade it. This is not helped by the attitude of my humans. For example, my mum was gardening yesterday and a very small black EIK came into the garden and started chasing round one of the frogs from the pond. Apparently my mum thought this was "cute"! Typical.

Today I had to do sentry duty again. Remember this picture of me in my garden which I posted recently?
Well, look! Only this morning an Evil Intruder Kitty was daring to sit in exactly the same spot! (This EIK is a repeat offender - he/she is the one who keeps coming and drinking out of my pond).
I was trapped indoors, only able to glare at him/her and send telepathic messages that he/she was not welcome here!
My mum helpfully opened the patio door (where I was sitting) and I headed straight for the Evil Intruder Kitty. He/she immediately started to beat a retreat down the garden, with me in hot pursuit (not exactly running, but doing fast walking!) I pursued him/her all the way down to the shed, where the Evil Intruder Kitty escaped over the fence. This is what usually happens when I chase EIKs - I never actually have to lay a mancatly paw on them as they always run away when they see me coming!

Satisfied with my work, I patrolled the garden and then settled down for a rest near the shed. My job was done. All Evil Intruder Kitties were banished from the garden. Yep - completely gone!

I'm glad you banished the must have sent sum good telepathic messages,I think!
Good job Eric. You haf a great garden to patrol.
Eric you look better on your garden path than the EIK. But what is that black thing on top of your shed????
I am sure your fast walk was what scairt the EIK away! I think the thing on top of the shed is a statue or something, so do not be worried.
Eric, you did a wonderful job of scaring he/she away! We can't belive he/she has the nerve to invade your garden! Keep up the good work, and have a Happy Sunday!
Purrs and headbutts to you!
Um, Big Guy, look up...
Hahaha.. Good one!!
Eric, you filled the space on the garden path far more nicely than the EIK. Umm, have you looked around your garden at shed roof level lately?
You are a good sentry, Eric! I am the sentry in our family...I have to make sure nothing (not just EIK) gets into our yard!

Keep up the good work, sentries have to stick together!

Is your mom planting catnip in your garden or sprinkling kitty treats around? Your garden seems to be an EIK magnet.
Excellent job Eric.
Good job Eric! Another day, another EIK driven away!

Laila and Minchie
Eric, please let your mum know that I think her garden is beautiful!
Gosh Eric, you are under seige. Guess a the duties of a sentry mancat are never done.
We haf EIK too. It is very frustrating when we see them but get get out to politely ask them to leave.

On the other paw, when we all get out at once, the EIK tend to leave quickly afore we can talk to them anyway...
Eric, you have a beautiful garden. It is okay to share with others!
Eric, you are the most beautiful flower in your Mum's garden!
Maybe the EIKs have heard that a famous blogging kitty lives nearby and are hoping fo a glimpse of the famous FE?
Dood. We can understand and send you tons of empathy for your EIKs. We are glad that they escape over the wall before you can do evil damage to their innards though.

Luf, Us
Eric I am glad to see that your garden troubles are getting all sorted out.
You sure sent that guy running! He'll think twice before coming back now. Imagine, sitting in your spot!!! I had to growl at one out moms bedroom window last night. This one just sat & stared at me then wandered off.
We are glad your appetite is returning. You have to keep up your strength.
Good job! I am not allowed out to chase the Evil Intruder Kitties away. Maybe you should hire yourself out???
No wonder they run away in fear of you. You are a big mancat, Eric :-)
Uh, Eric, you do know he's sitting on the shed, don't you? Or shouldn't we mention it? Okay, forget we said anything. All IEKs are gone from the garden! And Eric is on patrol.
Eric, you were brilliant chasing away that EIK and I love your garden! Thanks for the nice Birthday wishes yesterday!

Purrrrrrrrrrs, China Cat
Um, Eric, I think you need a little woofie help. I can help, you know. Once I chased an EIK around the playset four times before it finally got smart and escaped over the fence. I haven't seen him since.

You are a very impressive guard cat, and I think they know better than to mess with Eric on his own turf. And that cat should know better than to rest in your very same spot! (But he/she is awful cute.)
Wow! We are impressed with your ferocity...or is that furrocity? Good job banishing the evil intruder kitty.
Hmm ... you were definitely doing a good job, but I think maybe - just maybe - one snuck back! I could be wrong - that might just be a strangely shaped bird. :)
Great job Eric! Those EIK's are definitely scared of you.
I hope the EIK situation is under control. Hope your mum's new class and school year is starting off well.
Yup, the EIK was skeered of yore ginormus floofiness. We don't get to go owtside but Benson duz yard patrol. Howeffer we noticed that sumtimes Toby, the naybor poodin, bizits to drink water frum Benson's water bowl and Benson only watches him. But he barks when Toby is OWTSIDE the fence! I fink Benson needs lessons on how to repel introoders.
I just wanted to stop by and invite you to my party Friday-Saturday!!!
Ummmm, Eric, look up!
He may be an intruder, but that kitty sure is a good looking tuxie!

Max S
That intruder kitty is kind of pretty, doncha think?
Well done, brave Eric! My old Tortie was always very brave defender against EIK's. The Aged, not so much. He ran away.
Good work Eric, I like your style and your garden. That's a real novelty to have a statue on your shed roof:) xxx
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