Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Tail On Tuesday

Another picture of my tail in happier days, before the v-e-t got busy with his shaving.

I am very hungry and demanding food all the time. I am off the boiled chicken and back on my regular food. Also I have started pooping again. My humans seem to think I am on the mend - so why are they still shoving pills down my throat, and why do I have to go back to the v-e-t again tomorrow evening??? Apparently he wants to check up on me. And my humans want him to see the red spot on the underside of my tail where I have been licking the bit that was shaved. It is a bit sore.

My humans are messing me around. My dad returned from Devon Grandma's house tonight, but now my mum is abandoning me to go and see Cornish Grandma and Cornish Auntie for three days! Doesn't she know I have been poorly sick and therefore need extra cuddles? I'm thinking of having a relapse just to make her feel guilty. It's raining in Cornwall anyway, she won't like it!

She is coming back on Saturday night. My dad isn't good at helping me blog so I will report back then. He has never tried getting me in the Evil Cat Carrier to go to the v-e-t without my mum's help, so that should be interesting!

It's all go at your house Eric! Remember, both front paws on the doorway of the carrier, legs straight and your back end, wiggling every which way ;)

Very glad you are on the mend.
We're glad you're on the mend Eric and that your pooper is working properly again. Will you thank your mum for sending our mum that link.
Oh yeah, Eric, it should be a good time to have some fun with your Dad! Make sure when he tries to get you in that carrier that you remain as stiff as possible, yet somehow wiggly at the same time. I have faith in you!!

Abby Normal

PS. I had to type in the letters "" in the word verification.... eww!
I can't wait for the report of your Dad taking you to the VET. Glad you are feeling better and back on your regular foods.
Eric, this just seems soo not acceptable. However I will wait to laugh when I hear the report of your Dad taking you to the vet alone!

Continue to feel better.
Well ITCHES where they shaved. Of course you're licking. They need to give you lots of crunchy treats to distract you from it!
I'm feeling sorry fur yore poor shaved tale. I can't imagine haffing a skinny tale like all the other poodins in this howse. I'm glad yore pooper is werking agin and yore not stinky any more!
Sometimes the Beins go overboard takin care of us. Better than not enough, we suppose...
Make sure you give your Dad a run for his money!
Oh Eric - you just can't catch a break! We hope that the v-e-t says you're all better and you're mum travels safely!
What is this with all the moms abandoning their sick or lonely kitties? Don't they understand they're supposed to stay home with the kits?

Well, since she's deserting you, we hope you have a wonderful time driving your dad crazy.
That is good news that you're doing much better :-D Sorry your Mum is abandoning you now, but maybe your Dad won't be able to get you into the PTU haha!
Glad you're doing better Eric. But sheesh, not nice of your Mom to go away again.
Hello Eric! Nice to meet you!
We are sorry they keep coming & going from you Eric. But at least one is always home so you don't have to go to the kitty jail again.
Don't worry, your floof will grow back before you know it!
I Dare You!
Yes, it is time again for another challenge from The Cat Realm! Come and check out the details on our blog.
I hope you will accept the challenge and will eagerly await your entry!
(We hope you'll be totally o.k. very very soon!)
Hoping you hear nothing but good news at the vet, Eric. I'm glad you're feeling lots better now!
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