Sunday, October 05, 2008


300th Post Contest - The Result!

Well, my previous post on Friday was actually my 300th post! Which makes this my 301st. Phew.

After posting my 300th post, I had to go back and look at all the entries to my contest to find out who had won. There were a lot of entries to go through and check! The actual date and time of my 300th post was 3rd October at 8.04 pm BST. It turned out that there were several kitties who had got very close to this time. Cats-Goats-Quotes predicted 3rd October at 7.42 pm, so they were only 22 minutes out! The Cat Realm predicted 3rd October at 8.15 pm, so they were only 11 minutes out! But the winners are...(drumroll)...

Hot(M)BC! Who guessed 3rd October at 8.12 pm, so they were only EIGHT minutes out! That is a very very good guess indeed!

Congratulations to the Hotties! I have their address and will soon be posting the book, the CD and the treats off to them. I hope they enjoy their prizes!

I will have to have another contest some time - they are fun!

P.S. If you like guessing, here's another puzzle for you...21 days from today it is a special day for me, does anyone know why?

P.P.S. I have to go and sit on my mum now. She has a cold caught from those germy little people she teaches and is all sneezy and sore-throaty and stuff. I have been doing a lot of nursing this weekend, it is very wearing...

Wow! We got it rite? Or closest to rite anyhoos. Dat's amazin! How cool. Fanks lots Fat Eric!!
Oh, and isn't the 26th yore gotcha day yoo celebrate yore purrthday on?
Sanjee and the resta the Hotties
Your birthday?
Drat it, Hotties! ;)
Those Hotties are so smart!
Congratulations Hotties!!
~ Sara and Noah
Congrats on the winners. Hmm, we will have to think about what is so special that is coming up.

Woohoo - congrats to the Hotties! I sure hope your mom feels better soon ...
Congratulations to the Hotties!!!!
I am so glad that the Hotties won, especially since Pepi is my special boyfriendkitty! Way to go Hotties, and I hope your Mum feels better Eric, the beans being sick is really aweful! Give her a hug for me!
Purrs and headbutts,
Woohoo! COngratulations to the Hotties!
Concatulations to dem Hotties! If it's a furry speshul day den it's gotta be either yoor Gotcha Day or yoor Purrthday...nothing else would be dat speshul. Mom sez dat if we iliminate sticky beans we would neffur get sick, effury time one of dem comes around here mom ends up wif a snotty nose. Hope yoor mom feels better soon.
Concatulations to the Hotties and concats to you Fat Eric on 300 posts.
It was just damping this morning, then the sun came out at midday, so we got to roll around in the dirt which made us happy, and mum got her washing dry which made her happy.
Concatulations on your 300the post - that's amazing!

Take good care of your Mum, we hope she feels better soon and thank you for your kind thoughts about our Granddaddy, it meant a lot to our Mommy.
Hey, congrats to the Hotties! I don't think we were even close!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey
Wow!! Yay to you for your 300th and Yay to the Hotties, too!
Oooo, da 26th iz yur purrffday an gotcha day!
Oh, Mom said to tell you this Fat Eric: Yes our address is the same as at Chrissymous.
Well hot diggity dog to all the Winners! Yay!

We sure hope your Mom gets over her cold very soon. Ok?

Luf, Us
Oh. We think maybe it will be your birthday?

Luf, Us
Wow! That was very close. Congratulations to the Hotties :-D

I hope your Mum feels better soon.
8 minutes out! The Hotties are amazing!

Eric, keep your Mum warm so she gets over her cold quickly.
Congrats on your 301 post! That is a lot of posting. You have been busy. Glad furries don't catch the human cold. So snuggle your mom and make her feel better.
Congratulations to the Hotties on winning your contest. Sorry we haven't been visiting but our Mom got sick from her sticky big kids. We hope your mom feels better soon.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
Congratz to the Hotties!

And we know what the special day's your PURRTHDAY!!
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