Saturday, October 25, 2008


Almost My Purrthday

It is all happening here at my house. Firstly, my mum's school is now on half-term holiday for a week. That means she doesn't have to get up early and go and teach the sticky little people, but can spend more time with me and rest her voice a bit. That has to be good!

Secondly, my Cornish Auntie (mum's sister) arrived yesterday to stay with us for a few days. You may remember that I went to stay at her house last Christmas and spent a lot of time hiding under her bed. It is nice to see her. She and my mum went out shopping in London today and spent lots of money, they say.

It was my Cornish Auntie's purrthday last Thursday, and guess what? Tomorrow it is MY purrthday! Well, we don't know when my real purrthday is, so I celebrate it on my Gotcha Day. Tomorrow will be my official 13th purrthday. I will be a teenager! Plus, it will be five whole years since the day my humans adopted me and Hattie.

The only problem is that I have to wait an extra hour until it is my purrthday, because tonight we have to change all our clocks here in Britain. They go back an hour, and instead of being on British Summer Time we will be on Greenwich Mean Time. And it will get dark earlier.

I think I will go to bed early tonight to make my purrthday come quicker!

Happy Almost Your Birthday, Eric! I hope tomorrow is a very extra-special day for you!
We can't wait either, Eric!
Fat Eric, I am so looking forward to your Birthday! I'll send some ham!
Hey - it's almost my purrthday too. I will be five. I can go to school then. If I want to. Which i don't.

My gotcha day is the 4th of January which is my boy's birthday. I got him from the pound when he turned 13. Well, he came to the pound, and I got him.

We say my purrthday is on the 31st of October. Cause I was 7 weeks old when they went to the pound.
Eric early happy birthday. Your birthday is the same as our daddies

Pixel and Samba
Eric, furriend, we wish you a very Happy Birthday and Gotcha Day early today and tomorrow on the Big Day! We are so happy that you get to celebrate both wonderful occasions on the same day! And have lotsa fun with your Cornish Auntie too!
Purrs, hugs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
Purrs to you on your birthday Eric!
Oh - and here's a big smooch from me!
Going to bed early is a great idea, Eric. It will be your birthday when you wake up! Happy Almost-Birthday and sweet dreams!
I hope you get lots of treats!
Happy almost burthday! and welcome to your teenage years!

We change the clocks back next weekend.
Yup, yup, almost purrday is just as good as any day for a celebration! Have a great almost purrday!
Happy 13th birfday Eric! Many more...
Happy Purrthday to you
Happy Purrthday to you
Happy Purrthday dear Eric
Happy Purrthday to you.
and many mooooooore!

Roxy & Lucky
Happy Purrthday Eric, may yoo haf a squillion more! This "daylight savings time" is silly if yoo ask sez it was started by some guy who wanted his serfs to get more work done!
Happy, Happy,Happy almost Birthday Eric! I didn't know that you and Hattie were adopted by your Mum and Dad when you were 8!

I hope you have an extra special day.
Happy Purrday to you and your auntie!!! Celebration!
Happy Purrthday Dood!
Happy Happy purrthday and many many more... otay!?!

bye bye..

Katie Too
Happy Birthday, Eric! I hope you have a wonderful day with lots of fun and treats.
So then today is "Eric Eve?"
We hope you have a wonderful Gotcha/Birthday!
MamaCat & the FurryPurries
Ozzy, Alice, Bootsie, Freckles, Lola, Dandelo & baby Honey
Happy Purrthday!
We've been enjoying your blog for some time now and just started blogging and wanted to say hello. We have two blogs...
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Nan and =^..^=
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