Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Tuesday Twosome

My dad is home. I missed him and I am hanging out with him a lot. Please notice who has claimed control of the comfy sofa and who is sitting on the floor! His shoulder makes a comfy pillow.

At least he is trainable, the cat gets the most comfy spot. You two look so nice together.
Ohhhh Eric, those pictures made us and our Momma smile SOOOOO big! It is so sweet how you and your Dad love each other so much! We hope you get lots of together time with him!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
That's a very nice Dad you have. His shoulder does look nice a comfy. Does he read aloud to you sometimes?
This seems perfectly normal to me...
It's so nice to see the men of the house bonding so nicely.
Awwwww, that is so sweet! Welcome home, Daddy!
O, Eric, that is so sweet. Mine Daddy Charley an me's tha same way. Cept i's hafn't gotted him trained to use tha floor yet.
Love & Purrs,
That's so cool! I think it is great when the kitties get the comfortable furniture and the beans are on the floor.
Aw, what a lovely picture of you & your daddy Eric! He's lucky to have such a big floofy mancat to lean against. I make sure I get the comfy-est seats in the house too!
Purrs from Mr Woo xx
This is how things should be Eric, a mancat and his man communing about mancatly things.
Eric, you are a very lucky ManCat to have your very own ManDad!
Way to go, Eric. Cats should always get the comfiest seat in the house!

We gave you an award. Stop by to collect it.

The Crew
I'm glad your Dad is home - I go to pieces when my Daddy is away! And as for the seating, well, that's as it should be!
Fine job, Eric. I do that to mom too.

You both look very comfy, and it's nice that the shoulder-pillow is just the right level for you. Do you purr and blow in his ear, too?
Eric, that is a cute picture of you and your Dad. Are you reading over his shoulder?

It is very good that you have him trained to sit on the floor while you have the comfy sofa : )
Hahahahaha! And some humans think we're dumb?
And that's the way it should be ;-) You have your Dad well trained, Eric.
You've got a very nice dad!
you look good on the couch Eric.
Makes sense to me, Eric.
Dat's a purrfect laying spot. Dad's are da best.
Eric, you rule the roost!
I came from Hendrix, just wanted to see how a Fat Eric looks like, have to say that in fact you are a little round ! But it suits you very well ! Skinny cats are boney and not so nice to pet !
Aw, we love our Daddy, too.

Thanks for visiting and wishing us a “Happy 1st Blogoversary”
We love our friends.

(((HUGS)))Chancy, Jake, Babe and Ernie’s Voice
LOL, this is the sitting order in my house too.
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