Friday, November 07, 2008


Floofy Friday

Not a good Friday for my mum. First a sticky little person in her class threw up (a lot) in her classroom, then when she got home I had thrown up in the kitchen! (hey, at least I did it on a wipeable floor and not on the carpet like that kid!)

Better just block it all out and wait for Saturday...

Don't know why, but the Beans don't seem to like yak. My favourite yakking spot is in the middle of the carpet on the way to the bathroom. If I do it in the middle of the night, it catches them every time.
I have only yakked 3 times since I was ill though, and that was hairballs each time.
Wow Eric...that's alot of throw up in one day...
Lots of Yakking up. Mum has never heard of carpet in schools at that level. They always had wipeable floors, now she knows why.
Sounds like your mum had a real "pukey" day. We hope you are feeling better Eric!

Laila and Minchie
Tho I'm the only long-furred poodin in this howse, I don't yak up hairballs. Bebe and Blackie duz this all the time but not me. Must be lucky, I gess.
Ugh, Eric that's horrible. I hope you are purring at her.
Eric, that sounds 'orrible!

If you are visiting Granma Devon at Christmas you could all digitally visit me in Sidmouth if you like (I could take pics off your blog to create a digital visit)- what do you think?
Oh, my! that sounds horrible. One of our Auntie's is a paraprofessional for special needs kids in the classroom and that akshully happens to her a lot. We sure hope today is better!
Poor Eric and poor Eric's Mum, that's a lot of yack for one day. It's horrific when you realise just how much yack one small sticky person can contain. They are like a Tardis but with yack inside instead of Doctor Who. Ugh.

My Mum is swooning at that picture of you with your head resting between your paws.

Whicky Wuudler et al
Sigh...Yak happens...
Your poor Mum. Dealing with that is not fun. I hope her weekend is better, and that all of you have a good weekend :-)
Cover that adorable nose!
Oh dear. Bet she was happy for the weekend.
Yuk-ky! Your poor mum.

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