Monday, November 24, 2008


Guest Mancat On Monday

Today I have invited a guest mancat on to my blog. His name is Longie and this is his story.

Waaaaay back in July 2006 I posted about a good friend of my mum's. She and her family were sad. They used to have three kitties called Nessie, Fluffy and Lulu. But in the same week, Nessie had to go to the Bridge because she was ill and Fluffy disappeared from their garden, never to be seen again. Lulu and her family were sad and lonely. That was quite a while ago. Lulu's mum feeds stray kitties who come to their garden. One day, some time after Lulu became an only cat, a stray ginger kitty turned up and decided they were a nice family and he would like to move in with them and be Lulu's new brother. Lulu was not sure about this. The stray ginger kitty was not very healthy. He was very very skinny with very tangled fur and he had sores and bites all over him (a flea allergy was not helping). He also had some sort of respiratory infection, so he was a very sad sight. He made it clear to Lulu's family that he was NOT LEAVING because he had moved in for good! They took him to the v-e-t and after quite a long time and quite a lot of money later he was a healthy kitty again. He would prefer to spend all day sitting on a human lap if there is one available but otherwise the most comfortable chair will do! Eating is his other favourite activity. The children of the family decided to call him Longie because he has long fur (kids can be so imaginative!) Longie is not best friends with Lulu but they have learned to live together fairly peacefully. She prefers the bedrooms where she can sleep with the humans at night, and he prefers the kitchen where the food is and the living room where the comfy chairs are.

My mum went to visit Longie and Lulu the other day, and got sat on and purred at by Longie. This is what Longie looks like now. I think this is a happy ending for this Guest Mancat, don't you?

I love a happy ending. Longie is so handsome!
He sure does look happy! How nice of Lulu's beans to take him in and give him a forever home and help him get healthy.
Longie is one handsome mancat! We love happy endings!
I think it is a very happy ending.

We wanted you to know we got your post card. It was ripped at the corner (but we could see and read everything) but the post office put it in an official envelope with the standard apology for ruining our mail.
Oh, we just love this story! Longie and Lulu both are very blessed kitties.

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
Such a wonderful story!
As a formerly homeless cat who adopted my humans, I understand completely what Longie did. Obviously he chose well!
That is a nice happy ending story. Mom likes those the best.

It is always good when a ginger mancat finds a loving home. Purrs to him.

It snowed more here today. Not much but the ground is now white.
We love happy endings...Longie is purrty smart, he knew dem beans would take good care of him!
Longie is a very handsome orange Mancat. We think he is cute!

Luf, Us
Hurray fer Longie!
Thank you for telling us about Longie Eric, he's turned out to be a handsome fella. I am so glad he now has a nice home. Lulu's Mum is a very good person to have helped him so much. Heartwarming stuff!

Whicky Wuudler
What a lovely post. Mom and I love happy endings. Longie is VERY handsome too.
Longie is a gorgeous Ginger kitty!
Thanks for telling us about Longie. He sure is a handsome Mancat!
He looks so peaceful and contented now. And quite handsome!
Mum was glad to read Longie's story- she needed a happy story today. Longie is almost as handsome as you are, Eric!
More power to Manly Gingers!
That is a wonderful ending to Longie's story :-)
Happy early Thanksgiving to you and your family!
Very good idea to have a guest ManCat. And a very happy ending for him too.
Longie found a grate place to nap! I hope it has gotten warmer, Fat Eric.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
What a happy ending. Longie is just lovely. Thanks for sharing! :)
We iz happe dats Lonmgee iz happe!!! You iz greeat to sahre dis storee.
Wow! Longie is one hanscome mancat! Dat Ginger color is certainly a furry wonderful happy color.
Fat Eric ... Zip on over for some turkey! There's still some left for you!

Happy Fangs-giving! Gobble, gobble, gobble ... 'urp!
DMM and the Feline Americans
Thank you so much for this most wonderful story! We love these kind of stories with poor stray kitties getting great forever homes!!!!
Mrs. OZ, Tintin, Naughty, Luna, Ruis and Karl
What a handsome ginger Mancat. It looks like he has a great napping spot, too. I think he picked the right family.
Longie looks like a bobcat in the face, he is very pretty, and your mum is lucky, strays don't often trust humans.
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