Saturday, November 01, 2008


Raining Again, I'm Bored

That is a great photo of you. Napping is good when it is raining outside.
Email me so I'll have your email address and I can send you Deb's home address.
I hope the sun comes out soon, Eric! Great photo of you ... :)
It's always raining here too!
Well, if it were not raining, you'd be out and about,
tiring out,
and thinking of a nap... so, why
not just have the nap instead?
A nap is one thing rain can not put a damper on!
Mommy wants to smooch you beauty mark!
Me too!
Rain sucks Eric, we saw that Faz posted about the rain too! We hope it stops raining really soon for you, furriend, because we don't want you to be bored!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
yoo do luk bored. Can't yer peepuls make it stop!?!?
Ah when you are bored, there is nothing much to do except nap...
Happee beelated birf-day Eric!!!! Pleeze don't be bored. Come oevfur & partee wit us! We missed you dis summer.
Love, Dr Tweety
Bummer that you are getting rain, but it is better than snow. Good day to snuggle and nap.
I feel your pain. It's all rainy and boring here, too.
We are sorry you are bored and that it is raining again. We hope you get nice weather soon.

Oh, you're so handsome, Eric :-)
Boring looks very good on you. My mom says she wants to kiss your cute little!
You still look handsome even though you're bored! We have been having lovely weather & have been enjoying going out to stalk squirrels and pounce at the birds.
I'll try to send some sunshine your way....Hugs Ariel
If you're bored, why don't you do a bit of traveling, Eric? All your friends in the U.S. would like to see you.
What a cute picture Eric! Even though you look bored, you look awfully cute too.

I just read your last post about the weather, that is very crazy!

In 1987 my Mum lived in London for a student work exchange program. That was the year of the big storm. My Mum is used to crazy weather since Canada is rather cold - so the day of the big storm she took the tube to work, it took her 3 hours, but she got there - only to find out no one else came in. The whole city was in turmoil and my Mum went to work! Ha, ha, ha....silly Mummy.
You do "bored" really well! I must perfect that same expreshun 'cos I bet it gets you smooches from your Mom.
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