Sunday, November 09, 2008


Windy Sunday

OK, the weather is getting worse. Now it's not just raining, it's blowing a hoolie outside (and if you don't know what that means, there's a definition here!)

I have been shamefully neglected this weekend. My mum has had lots of planning to do, and she keeps throwing me off the keyboard when I try to sit there to help her. So I have had hardly any blogging time, OR lap time! Plus, the weather has been too horrible for me to go outside in the garden and try to catch that pesky little black intruder cat who thinks he lives here (and don't think I don't know, mum, that you have been giving him Temptations behind my back because you think he's cute).

Might as well just hide my face again. I have to thank my Cornish Auntie for taking the last two pictures of me. Funny how everyone likes to take pictures of me!

The only place to be when it's raining and blowing a hoolie outside...

It's been blowing a hoolie here all day too, and raining on and off. We've spent most of the day in front of the woodburner. We may be turning into indoor cats!
Bummer that your mum is not treating you properly. It has been cold here, even a few snow flakes in the air. Not enough to cause problems. I wanted to go outside but mum said just be inside and stay warm.
Hardly any mum and bad weather too? I don't know how you can stand it!
Wow! It was beautiful here today. It has been very mild for the last week. Momis waiting for the blizzard that will hits us when we least expect it.

you are very photogenic, Eric! Thank you for teaching us a new word today!
I hope you enjoy a warm and safe evening.
Sorry to hear about the yukky weather. :(
Blowing a hoolie sounds a little bit funny! We are sorry that means you can not go outside, Eric!
Poor Eric. We had the hoolie on Sunday and now we have the miserable rain coming down like stair rods. Yuk. Lots of lickable cats and humans here Eric, come over, we can do a licking pas de deux!

I like the word hoolie! It's raining a hoolie here too.
"Blowing a hoolie"!? I never heard that before. It sounds funny!
Ok. So we looked up hoolie. Your photos are really cute. Good thing that your Cornish Auntie snapped them!

Luf, Us
I'm sorry you had such a miserable weekend. I hope this coming week is much better for you, Eric :-)
Oooh Eric!


Sorry for all the wicked weather - it's been cold and blowy here too! We'd have thought that your Mum would want you on her lap to keep her warm!
I would definitely stay inside until the hoolie blows over. A hoolie just doesn't sound any fun at all. Maybe it'll blow that intruder away (but he's cute, so not too far away...)
oh no. that weather sounds like no fun. it also stinks that you're being so neglected.

thanks for participating in the hoolie that went thru my house last week! i hope you had fun. you can come by anytime you're feeling neglected.
Fat Eric and Kate,

We sure do hope Winton is playing with your Hattie!!! He is a Rainbow Ginger now and he's missed...but the purrs and thoughts have been amazing! thank you so very much!!

Kodak, 3 Perf, Blossom, Mom Penny and Angel Winton
Eric we like this picture of you because it shows off your floofy tail!
Mom likes the term 'hoolie'. She said she will now use that instead of saying "wow, it's really windy outside" It's much more descriptive. And if anyone asks what the heck she means, she can educate them at the same time. This is the fun of the can learn so much from cats in other countries.
We're supposed to get 2" of rain today. I'm using that phrase if it does.
Glad to see you are warm and snuggly on a rainy day. With all your furs, it would take hours to dry!
Hey Eric, come over one Saturday! You're invited over on Saturday! Here's the invitation!
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