Friday, December 12, 2008


Check Up

I should have remembered that every December there comes a day when I get thrown in the Evil Cat Carrier and whisked off to the v-e-t to be stabbed in the back of the neck. My humans pretend they are doing this for my own good (something about "booster injections") but really it is just so they have my vaccination card up to date which means they will be allowed to dump me in the kitty jail next summer holidays.

Anyway, yesterday evening I was snoozing peacefully in my fleece bed next to the radiator when I was grabbed and thrust into the Evil Cat Carrier. The next minute I was outside in the freezing cold and dark being loaded in the car. I did a lot of meowing out of concern that we might, in fact, be off to the Kitty Jail or even on some mammoth drive to Devon Grandma's, but five minutes later we stopped outside the v-e-t's surgery. For once there was no one else in the waiting room, not even any annoying woofies, so I was soon on the v-e-t's table shedding huge clouds of orange floof all over him, heh heh. It was the Loud Australian V-e-t again whose loud voice makes me try to get back in the Evil Cat Carrier. He checked me all over and looked in my eyes and ears and listened to my heart and said they were all in excellent shape for my age. He weighed me and I have lost a little more weight - now I only weigh 17 and a half pounds, down from 18 pounds in August. Five years ago I was over 21 pounds! The v-e-t says there is not much flab on me now but I am worried about not being able to called myself Fat Eric any more! I don't want to end up as Skinny Eric!

The Loud Australian V-e-t was very pleased that my diabetes is still in remission after 15 months. He said my mum obviously did the right thing taking me off the dry food and putting me on the low-carb canned food. She is still checking my blood sugar regularly (we broke the glucometer the other day but have got a new one). The v-e-t said the only thing about me that wasn't perfect was the tartar stuff on my teeth but it's not bad enough for him to make me sleep so he can clean it off. Then he did the stabby thing in the back of my neck.

So, on the whole, I got a very good report on my health. Then I was taken home and given Greenies to get over the trauma.

Oh Eric what a traumatic day for you. Good to know that you had a good checkup, all healthy and all. Those Greenies are dental treats, maybe they will help keep the dental away.
After that traumatic day I am glad you got some good news. In fact I quite pleased you have shared it. We need some good news around here!
That is good news that everything went well at the V E T.Well done on the weight loss but no way am I letting mum know about it. We should have been weighed on December 1st but she forgot. Hope she doesn't remember.
We have given you an award. Come to our blog to collect it.
Well, that wasn't a very nice way to spend the day but at least you got a good report!
Well done Eric for covering the surgery in your floof! Really a chap needs a little revenge when he's had to endure such a tedious outing. I'm glad your diabetes is still in remission and everything is ok.

Whicky Wuudler
What a horrible day Eric! Nice work leaving your floof everywhere, and we're very glad that you got Greenies afterwards - you really earnt them!


Gypsy & Tasha
Whew, you didn't have to sleep at the vet's this time.

Don't worry, if you want to remain Fat Eric, you will. Even if you get skinny. Okay?

Glad you got a good health report.
Oh the horrible "grab & stuff" routine for the cat carrier!
Glad to hear about the weight thinks I may have gained again. -Shaggy
Oh Eric, I am so happy to learn that you got a good report from the vet! It is so great that your diabetes is still in remission.
Hi Eric,
I'll let you know when I have some of that steam locomotive on the web for your dad.
DOOD! That's awesome news, despite being tortured at the stabby place! losing weight is good but diabetes still in remission is ACES! (Aces is good. I think. I heard it on TV.)
I think extra Greenies are in order.
Fat Eric, we have to apologize. We were able to sent off most our kitty cards by regular mail, but we had to brings yours to the actual Post Office.

So it may not arrive as soon as we would wish. It is on its way, though.
How traumatic indeed! Congratulations on the good report! We think Greenies are on order today as well.
Excellent health news, Eric. So glad to hear that you are doing well.

Yesterday was Saturday -- and I just want to say - the rain sux.

I hope you are enjoying the holiday season...

Hooray for a wonderful VET check-up and that you and Marmite may be getting friendly!
Except for the stabby thing, I think that was a good V E T visit.
Well, we are glad you ar healthy. As for being Skiny Eric, you could always call yourself Sir Eric (Eric the Red?) But still, with all that floofy hair you don't look skinny (That is NOT meant to be an insult by the way. We love your floofiness!)


Sorry about the evil intruder cat. If I were there, I would chase him for you.
Eric, we've never thought of you as fat, even though it is your name. We are super glad that you got a clean bill of health. We are extra glad that your diabetes is in remission and has been for so long. It makes mom feel good that your mama was able to get you healed.

Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
Eric, my mom said, fat or thin you'd still be gorjuss. And you got greenies? Fetch me da evil pet carrier straight away!
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