Thursday, December 04, 2008


Happier Times

I do NOT like the weather lately. Cold. Wind. Sleet. Rain. Ice. I have been sitting on my humans a lot so that we can share our body heat and keep warm.

I am posting this picture from last summer to remind me of those far-off days when it was actually warm and sunny.


Our card from you arrived today. It's great, thank you.
We miss sitting in the garden in the sun too, not that we had much sun this year.
Have you found any more black floof lately?
Eric, we feel exactly the same way...'cept that the hot air blower comes on now and we like to lay by that!
It's been super cold here too! Need to bundle up!
Ditto here, but snow instead of sleet and ice.
I know just what you mean, Eric. And mom has been too busy sewing to cuddle. That stinks.

Eric you look so cute!! We are having a semi cold wave in FL and we want warmer times, too!
Your FL furiends,
I know exactly what you mean. I wish it wasn't so cold out all the time rightnow.
Oh what a lovely picture!! Its cold here just can't seem to get warm. Wanna come over and help snuggle on her??
It's cold and it snowed, twice! We is commiserating wif yoo Eric...
You look very majestic in this picture Eric. But what is this "sunny" thing you talk about? It must be rare thing indeed, somewhere in distant memory, I think I remember something about a big yellow orb in the sky that's warm or something, I dunno, probably a myth!

Whicky Wuudler
Those are definitely the good times, Eric...
We hope things warm up for you soon. Do you at least have a heater or fireplace to sleep in front of until it does warm up?

Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
We know how you feel Eric. It is soooo cold here!
I wish my furs were as long & floofy & warm as yours Eric. Brrrr!
Still, I am sitting on my mummy a lot too - especially in the night so she has to lie still to keep me comfy, tee hee.
Purrs from Mr Woo xx
We can relate!!! Come on over here - sunny, warm, AND a great party going on right now! Belly dancing and food, hahahahahahaha
Karl and Ruis at The Cat Realm
What a super idea! We have been having nothing but cold, gray days. We need to get out some summer photos with nice blue sunny skies!
Winter is no fun - maybe we'll follow your lead Eric and just look at lovely summer pictures!
Eric, I feel the same way. Right now we only have the bad cold, but we're supposed to get light snow tonight and tomorrow. I cannot wait for spring!!
We unnerstand how you feel, Eric. It is very very cold here...we had our first now in years last night!!! Some of us in the Gang ain't never even seen snow before. It was very excitin'! But...we would much rather have it be warm.

Snuggle up close to your beans...cuddlin' is always the answer!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
Never mind Eric - the summer will be back before we know it. In the meanwhile enjoy the laps and the Crimble spoiling and the Turkey treats!
It's mighty cold here today too, so seeing your photo added a welcome bit of warmth.
Say it brudder Eric! Dis disgustin' cold weather iz fur da birdz! Ack-shoelly, I tink evfun da birdz haz had it!!!!
Bring da sun back I say!
Oh, keep warm Eric! Teleport down here to Hove Actually if you like, it doesn't seem to be very cold! :) xxx
I do NOT like cold either!
I got your Christmas card in the mail today - thank you SO much!

Uncle Mo
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