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Catching Up After Christmas - Part 1

I have mostly been lying around sleeping since the New Year arrived. My humans have been busier. They went out for a healthy walk in the countryside yesterday to work off some of the Christmas over-eating - that was much too cold for me, I stayed in and laughed through the window at an Evil Intruder Cat trying to drink from my pond and finding out it was frozen. Tomorrow my mum goes back to school and will probably be very busy taming those children again, so I thought I'd better get her to help me post some of the backlog of pictures from Christmas first.

As you know, while we were in Devon staying with Devon Grandma last week I made my humans go to visit Milo and Alfie and hand over their Secret Paws presents from me. Milo and Alfie already put some pictures of the visit on their page. Here are some pictures my mum took while she was meeting Milo and Alfie.

Milo and Alfie opening their Secret Paws presents:
Milo on his den:
Alfie playing with his trackball toy he already had:
Alfie being brave and sitting on Milo's den (my mum goes Squee whenever she looks at this picture for some reason):
And here is a video she took of Milo playing with the feather toy I gave him (that's my mum's arm waving the feathers):

Looks like everyone was having a good time! Next, I'll put up some more video of ME from Christmas!

What fun they were having! We love Milo's Den! Over here we would call it Milo's ManCave. hahaha!
Mom thinks the video is cute and I think the feather toy is cute. It was so great to meet your Mom and Dad and sniff you on them. We like the pics too! Alfie loves to be King of da castle on my Den.

Happy New Year to you all!
We wanted to come by and thank you for visiting and leaving nice words about our Bandit.
~ The Bunch, minus one
Eric we want to see your floofiness on Christmas Day. hehehe to Evil Intruder that the water is frozen. Maybe he will go away and find a better place to hang out.

Mum is bummed too, back to real work tomorrow. She has liked the two long holliday weekends she has had.
Loved the photos and video. Thanks for your concern about my brother Jake. He has been under treatment for hyperthyroidism since summer of 2006. The vet thinks that he MAY be suffering from something related to that condition--like some kind of effect on one of his organs, like his heart. His blood work was normal.

Happy New Year to you.

We can see how much fun Milo and Alfie had with the Secret Paws gifts you gave them!!!
The den looks great! Does anyone get the bitey on it?

Abby & Stygia
Milo sure likes feathers doesn't he!
Alfie is a cutie mom says, and she squee's at that picture too!!
Good luck back at school Eric's mum!
Alfie is cute. I can see why your mum went squeee. But handsome is better than cute, and you, Eric, are flooffy handsome.

Ohhhhh...I want a den like Milo's. Maybe the people will keep a big box for me after the m-word...I'd even let Buddah sit on it, but he won't be as cute as Alfie.
That den looks like fun! Our Mom is doing the squeeeeing thing too!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
I will look forward to the fun you had! One does need a rest though after all that traveling you did!
"Man Cave" was a term invented by the HGTV network. Find out the real deal at

Be A Man.

- The Founding Father
Milo and Alfie are having such fun, I think they like the video camera very much. Our apes have had to break the ice on the water garden tubs every day for a week, so the birds can drink. We just stay inside and watch where it's nice and warm. Looking forward to seeing more of you on video Eric!

Whicky Wuudler
How fun! We want a den too!!!

You're exactly right about Max - Rascal is jealous. He's used to being the only non-black cat around but then Max came with his gorgeous ginger-ness and lotsa fluff. Max makes an even better model than Rascal because he doesn't move all over the place like Rascal does. Plus he's twice the size of Rascal.
It looks like everybody had great holidays. Make sure your beans don't slack off with helping you blog this year.
Cute pictures and video! I'm with you - sleeping sounds good!
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