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My regular visitors will know that I have an Uncle Sim who lives far away in Mericky. He is my dad's brother who got kidnapped and married by a lady from Mericky a long time ago and now he lives in Montana, but sometimes he comes to see me and sometimes he sends me Greenies!

Well, my Uncle Sim in Montana has been owned by two cats for a while, and they are brothers called Fred and Barney. My humans met them when they went to visit Uncle Sim. Barney is a bit neurotic and goes crazy when he has to go to the v-e-t. He is also banned from catnip because he has been known to get a bit vicious with his humans when he is 'nipped up. Fred is more easy-going but not exactly famous for his brainpower, if you know what I mean. They like to hang out together a lot.

I think my Mericky cousins are feeling like they want to get in on some of my blogging celebrity. They just signed up to the Gorgeous Gingers group, so I added their picture to that page. I think they should get their own blog, don't you? All I have to do is persuade Uncle Sim or Auntie Jan to help them type...

Here are some pictures of my Mericky cousins! (Barney is the slightly darker ginger).

I'm sorry, you lost me after 'Greenies'. Mmmmmmm....Greenies.

Wait, did you need some?

(Did you hear the news over here?)
They are quite the handsome gingers! Hey, we have a handsome ginger staying with us. Where in Montana do they live?
Gingerness must run in the family.
You have some lovely cousins!
You have very handsome ginger cousins, Eric. And it looks like they are very smart...look at the pile of books they're absorbing!
They are very handsome gingers and we think they shud definitely get their own bloggie - so we can read about their adventures.
They're handsome cats. Tell them to get a blog going asap!
Oh yes, they should get a blog. You can never have too many Gorgeous Gingers.
Awww their cuties and yes they should have a blog :)
Your ginger cousins look like they would be fun to get to know. Maybe they will start their own blog.

Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
Gorgeous Gingers indeed!

We totally agree that they need to get their own blog. Every cat deserves one. Please let us know when they do!

Abby & Stygia
By the way, we gave you an award.

Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
Well -- Eric, I don't need to tell you how I feel about ginger boys.

I didn't know you had relatives in America. And what did your beans think about Montana? It's a beautiful part of the world! (We've heard.)

Did they see lots of cowboy hats and cowboy boots?
They are such a good lookin' pair!
Yes, they should start a blog! But warn them.... blogging is an addiction more powerful than nip!!
Nice color of your cousin!

Your cousins are adorable....just like you!
What beautiful Ginger cousins you have! We agree they should start their own blog!!!

Kodak, 3 Perf and Blossom
Why have those cuties been deprived of the pleasures of blogging? Somebody needs to start typing!
Your cousins are very handsome!
You are right, I think Fred and Barney need their own blog, so they can let us know why they need so much stuff on the bed when they are napping.
I think your cousins must be plotting something to look that good in those photos. The yin-yang pose is simply awesome!
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