Monday, February 23, 2009



My humans, having abandoned me for the weekend while they were off enjoying themselves in Sussex, have returned. I survived, but only thanks to Uncle Andrew remembering to come and feed me.

I have lots of photos and interesting stuff to post but my human claims to be too busy doing school stuff to help me post.

However, dad got the video camera out to prove how happy I was that my humans came home. This is how my humans can expect to be licked every time we are reunited! I love licking my humans...(and I hope you can hear the purring too)

Awwww that is so sweet. They really missed their beans!
Oh Eric! We can tell how much you missed your beans! We're glad they are home now!
That is such a heartwarming reunion!
I just watched it with one of my cats, Ellie May the studio cat, who is still purring...she liked it, too!

Welcome home!
Nan and the Maine cats
How cute! Your Mom is Mrs Tasty Face. We are happy to see you so happy to have her back home.
Ah Eric, I am so glad your people are back and taking such good care of you now...
Now that is true love and happiness! Eric, you are a wonnerful boy!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
Awwww - that's the sweetest thing EVER!
I sometimes give mum a lick or two, but not that much.
We're glad you weren't permanently abandoned. They came back to you.
Awww Eric, that video of you kissing your Mum gave us the warm fuzzies ... it is so precious and so are you! We are so happy for you that your Mum and Dad are home!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
Awww Eric, that is so sweet! Very mancatly of you to show your emotions in such a nice way!
What a big sweetheart you are!
MamaCat & the FurryPurries
Ozzy, Alice, Bootsie, Freckles, Lola, Dandelo & baby Honey
Eric, we are sorry that your beans abandoned you for the weekend. We hate it when our mom does that. We love how you are licking all over your mum to show her how happy you are to have her home.

Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
I just love a happy homecoming!
Eric, you are one happy cat! We love to hear your purrs. And Mom said she's like to smooch that little ginger bit on your whiskery bit!
What a wonderful reunion! Eric, you are a very sweet Mancat.
Oh, that is so sweet. Lucky was doing that to mom earlier. Mom loves getting kisses. Just like your mom.

Eric what a lover you are!!! That was so wonderful to watch and what nice purring too!
We greet the people at the door then run to our food dishes.
Aw, yoo's a sweety Fat Eric :)
I'm so glad you were reunited. We've licked their hands and feet before, but never their faces. I bet that's good after they've eaten... you've given me an idea.
Welcome back Eric. It's good to hear you instead of just seeing you.

I lick my Mom's face all the time.

Oh, that is soooo sweet :-D
Aww Eric, we can see how happy you are to see your mum again. She must be a Mrs. Tasty Face.
We like you licking video... it is so very sweet. You must love your mom so much... and she must be very tasty!!
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