Sunday, April 19, 2009


Ginger Cat Gossip

Oh hey there, it's me, Skinny...anyone home? I just came round to see if there was any food going.
Hey, thanks! Nom, nom, nom...delicious! Fat Eric's humans serve the best stinky goodness! Go away, Tiny Tuxie, you are not skinny so you don't get to eat any of this!
Hi, Eric, how's it going? You look a little upset.
What? Your mum is abandoning you AGAIN! That's outrageous! She's leaving tomorrow morning to spend a week with 28 children on an activity holiday in Norfolk? Instead of spending time with you and your dad? No wonder you look upset!

Will there still be stinky goodness available for me with your mum away? There will? Yay! Well, maybe you would like me to come round and keep you company while your mum is away? Us gingers must stick together, you know.

Mom's leaving again? Well, at least Dad will be around.
Well glad your friend will be by to keep you company.
Eric, those introoders seem to be getting bolder by the day. We are sorry your mum is abandoning you again. You will forget what she looks like if she isn't careful. Make sure she makes it up to you big time when she gets back.
What an interesting visitor you have, Eric. And we think it's swell of you and your folks to feed the skinny guy.
Bahhhh.... your Mum leaving you all alone like that. At least yer Dad will be there to cater to your every whim.

Hey, That Skinny chap seems to be a good sort. He's friendly and he knows how to enjoy a good meal. That really is the important part, a good meal. Not as good as treats but good.
We can't believe your mum is leaving you again, Eric!!! Well, at least there'll be stinky goodness available...and Skinny can keep you company...or he'll give you something to think about instead of the fact that your mum is gone....
Hey Eric, do you think Skinny is good Bro material???
Oh Eric you will be fine with your dad I am sure, he will give you plenty of hugs.

I love the friens that visit.

Hugs Ginger Jasper x
OK, Eric....
Mine mombean just looked at the web site for the place yer Mum is going, and she said "I wanna go too!! That looks like its a lot of fun!"
Its a good thing we live far away or I'd be left alone too. *shudders*
We think that your little "friend" is just looking out for his own interest. Keep an eye on him, Eric!
Your Mum must have the patience of a saint to go on holiday with 28 children! Will she be taking pictures to share with us? Glad to hear your friends are going to be fed while she is away. Once you start feeding them, they come to depend on it.
Your mum is such a gad about person. She has to learn to stay home and take care of her lovely ginger boy, that means you, not the skinny boy outside.
Sorry your mom is leaving, Fat Eric. Looks like Skinny will keep you company as long as their is some stinky goodness involved. We also have friends come by to eat on our porch.
No! That is just wrong that she is leaving you! Really really wrong!!!
We thinks it is good to feed the skinny kitty! Important to keep doing so! Sorry mom is going away again!
Thank goodness someone will be there to take care of you while she's gone, Eric. This poor skinny kitty looks like he needs your guidance too. Teach that feline how to eat!
Poor Eric. Thank goodness for your Dad and ginger friends.
My mom says being on an activity holiday with 28 children doesn't sound like a fun fact she said "Eeeeek! I hope Eric's mum has lots of help from other grown-up."

Do you think Skinny might turn into a friend? It might be nice to have a feline friend to chat with through the glass from time to time.
Gosh Eric, it looks like you have quite a bit of company in your yard all of a sudden. Nice of you to share your foods.
Boy, Eric, you get abandoned more than anyone I know. We hope your mom survives 28 kids. We know our mom wouldn't.

Of all the nerve, not only does an uninvited come into your yard but then to peek in your house while her is there, not fair!
That's not good news :-( That's a tiny friend you've got there...
Wow, Fat Eric an Skinny. Whatta great picture...
We hope yur Momma has a good trippie! And I'm glad you have a ginger furriend to keep you company. Brainball will tellyport ofur and you can have a gingur get-togethur, hehe!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
You sure do get a lot of visitors/intruders, Eric. Your Mum must put out the best stinky goodness in all the neighborhood ;-)
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