Thursday, April 02, 2009


Some More Springtime Photos

Well, I found out that those scary big cats in my last post were actually at this place, which my humans visited on the Special Birthday Weekend in the countryside. And my humans have no plans to bring any big cats home in the near future. Phew.

My mum has been ignoring my blogging and cuddling needs this week, pretending to be too busy to give me as much attention as I deserve. However, tomorrow is her last day of school and then she gets two weeks of Easter holidays, so I hope she is going to devote herself to my needs for a while! She says she needs to do lots of work on the garden, although it is looking quite pretty and flowery already. Last weekend we changed our clocks to British Summer Time so it stays light in the evenings for longer and we have been enjoying some nice sunny evenings and sniffing the flowers.

Here is a colourful part of the back garden.
Here are some flowers just next to our front door - pink hyacinths, yellow forsythia, blue grape hyacinths, and in that pot in about a week there should be some yellow tulips out (there is another pot of yellow tulips on the other side of the front door).
Here I am coming in up the steps from my evening stroll around the garden. I am looking a bit grumpy in this picture because I have just been sniffing too many Evil Intruder Kitty smells in my personal garden. You can see some nice evening sunshine shining on me though.
And here is the best picture my mum has ever taken of Isaac Newt, who lives in our pond with about 20 of his friends and relations. He is underwater in this picture, chilling out on the edge of a pot which has a minature water lilly plant in it. The water is very clear at the moment because my mum cleaned out the pond the other day.
Coming soon...I will be presenting the official Rogues' Gallery of Evil Intruder Kitties! Hope everyone has a nice Friday even if their humans are not getting two weeks' holiday!

Your garden is beginning to look lovely, Eric! We don't have any flowers yet...but stuff is starting to poke out of the ground.

We're sorry that evil introoders have made you grumpy...
We got very excited when we saw Isaac Newt. Do you ever try and catch him?
Eric mum is furry bummed out. She wants flowers and warmer weather. They keep talking about snow yet over this weekend. Not much, but still. We get one or two nice days, then two weeks of yuk!

Plus mum saw on the news about our First Lady visiting a school, but I don't think it was your mum's.
We are happy those big kitties are not coming to live with you. Your garden is very beautiful. Such lovely colors. The photo os Isaac Newt is very cool.
We definitely can't wait for the Rogues' gallery of Evil Intruder Kitties.

Roxy & Lucky

We heard the Queen gave Mrs. Obama a hug. Is that true? Is that as special as it sounds?
Eric, your garden looks great. We love all the flowers. Mom misses the flowers they have in Europe. Mom is also envious of the fact that your mum gets 2 weeks off for Spring break. Mom only gets one, and she is taking a large group of kids to Washington DC for the week.

Enjoy your time with your mum.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie
Hi Eric... Nice photos! We're totally getting into spring here, too. Our lady bean is trying to grow vegetables on the windowsill (which will be planted outside later this month.) So far we've got four beet plants!

Our beans are off to Devon so Pumpy and I will be alone for the weekend. But we get unlimited crunchy food from the cat sitter so that's a real bonus for us.
your flowers and garden are lovely! we haven't had any spring weather yet and our flowers are still hiding. thanks for sharing!
Eric what an excellent garden you have! And the Newts!
Ya sure haf nice flowers ta look at! Do anny of them taste good?
Such pretty flowers! You sure have a nice garden there! Do you ever eat any of them?
Your garden looks beautiful, and we loved the picture of you in the sun.It's too bad about the introoder kitties.
We love your garden and all of the pretty flowers. Hope your Mum enjoys her holidays,


Gypsy & Tasha
I cannot believe your mum gets two weeks off for Easter. My pet only gets Friday off then the weekend. If she wants to take off the Monday after Easter, she has to call it in as an absence on her part. It's totally wrong.
What a lovely entry u post today, Eric! Me loves flowers verrry much!


Your garden looks lovely Eric. And we love Isaac Newt(on)(tee hee!)

We hope your mom has a well earned rest and devotes all her free time to you!
Nothing growing here Eric. The gras is starting to get green again thats about all.
You look quite happy strolling in your garden! And its lovely!
Your garden sure is pretty! Where I live, it never gets cold enough for bulbs to grow.

That little newt looks a lot like a lizard! Only wetter.
Really enjoying spring through your gorgeous pictures! 6-12 inches of snow is predicted for our neighborhood over the weekend!
Mom says she wants to move us to England where spring comes a lot earlier than here. The grass is just starting to turn from ugly brown to green. We keep telling her it's time to take the fake pointsiettas off our balcony.

That is so wonderful that your Mum will be with you to cater to your every whim the next two weeks.

We will also get on our Mum to take her turn on Lexulous. She is on those cat bite pills and they are making her kind of wierd.
Such lovely photos of you and your garden. Have a super dooper Easter hols with loadsa licks and cuddles! :) xxx
Lovely garden photos, especially with you nearby! Hope you & your mom have a great vacation!
You have such a nice garden, Eric! No wonder you don't really want to share. I hopes that your mum make up for all the snuggles you have missed. You may just have to puts yur paw down and make her sit still for the big E man.
Your garden looks very nice and what a lot of spring flowers. Hope you enjoy you Easter holiday.
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