Thursday, April 30, 2009


Sunshine And A Bank Holiday Coming

My humans have spent too much time working this week and not enough time making a fuss of me, but at least we have got some nice sunshine. My mum planted baby vegetables last weekend and there are lots of flowers out in the garden, including mum's favourite of all, the lilac, which smells really nice just outside the patio windows. I have been able to spend some time sunning myself outside, in between chasing off a few Evil Intruder Cats. The weatherman on the BBC tonight said it was going to be a nice summer this year, not like the last two rainy summers.
There are lots of cats recently who have sent me their pictures to put on the Gorgeous Gingers page. I'm sorry they're still waiting - my human staff are slow about doing these things. But this weekend is a long weekend (my humans get next Monday off work for May Bank Holiday), so I will make my mum spend some time helping me get the Gorgeous Gingers page up to date.

We love bank holidays!

We bet the lilac smells so wonderful!

Our mom is jealous of your humans Bank Holiday!
I hope your summer is lovely!
Our lilacs aren't ready to bloom yet, but maybe in a few weeks. Mum likes their smell too. We don't get a May holiday until the end of May.
Oh your garden already looks marvelous!
We love your garden. It looks lovely. We have to ask tho - what exactly is a bank holiday? Is it when the banks go to sleep for the day? If so, why?

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie
Your garden looks wonderful.have fun on the holiday.
Here's to a great summer!
Love your garden Eric. Mum loves lilac, so sweet smelling. We heard that weather report too, lets hope it is correct and we get some good sunshine.

Hugs GJ x
Enjoy your weekend Eric.
Any anytime you can sneak away with treats for me would be very welcome.
we need bank holidays over here ~The FLuffy TRibe
That garden is really pretty! You are so lucky!
We love Bank holidays too. Mom and Dad have got the entire week off - so we can mooch around wiv them and get plenty of fuss.

Let's hope the wevverman is right for once!
That's a nice garden for you to lounge around, Sir Eric... we hope it's nice and sunny (with just enough rain) all summer long where you live.
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