Monday, April 13, 2009



Well, after nearly five whole days my mum finally came home. My dad told her I was emotionally needy while she was away. For some reason he didn't appreciate me climbing into bed with him at 5 a.m. each morning, wrapping myself round his head for company and patting him on the eyelid. I thought it was cute and endearing and would stop him from getting lonely!

Since she got home I have been mostly sitting on her and purring. Of course, because of her neglect I was unable to visit my friends and wish them a happy Easter, so please consider this a belated Easter greeting! At least she didn't make me take part in an embarrassing Easter picture like this one from last year.

To make up for being neglected over Easter I made her post this video of me - here I am doing some blogging at the computer - as usual, there's some loud purring going on, so turn up your volume!

Oh so glad you got your mum back. You are so cute in the video, and you paused mid stroke to wash your paws.

Happy belated Easter to you.

Hugs Ginger Jasper x
Yay,we're so glad you got your Mom back home. That was a wonderful video, you are a great purr-er.
So glad your mom is back home safe and sound!

Maggie May and Maizy Grace were intrigued by your loud, rumbly purrs!!
Yes, we can definitely see how hard you work at blogging, Eric! Good job.
Happy Easter to you, as well, Eric.

Glad your mum is back home so you can sit on her and make her stay home.
I am glad she is finally back to pay attention to you. I don't think it's horrible to be needy when your primary care giver is gone... After all isn't it okay to have needs?!
I am glad your mom is back! I gave you an award, yesterday... but I am afraid you may already have it.... or your mom is too tired out to do it... Either way you can pick it up if you want it, or you can ignore this??? Take care of your mom!
Eric we're so glad your Mom's back. You sound so happy and so purry that we were deffened by the noise and hadta wear ear-plugs!
We can hear how happy you are to have your Mom back!
Hi Eric. We're glad that your mum is finally back home! it sounds like you tried to work with your dad to keep him from being lonely but it doesn't sound like he was too cooperative. We are looking forward to Meowmy getting home from work so we can watch your video and hear your wonderful purr again.
Happy Easter, Eric! We're glad your mom's back home. I'm kinda wondering why your dad didn't like you wrapping yourself around his head. That seems perfectly acceptable to me. hee hee

You are purring quite heavily!!!
So glad she is home! Now she can whap dads eyelid instead.
It's important to take sufficient petting and purr breaks while blogging ;-) Oh and wash breaks, too.
Its good that Mom is back. For most kitties, Mom is the best Bein inna house (we are a eception).

We loved hearin ya purr onna video. That was so cool...
What a nice manly purr you have Eric! My brother Tommy purrs like that and sometimes he wakes mom up in the middle of the night purring so loudly.
It's great to see & hear you in action, Eric.

I don't see why your dad would object to your joining him in bed at 5AM. The Crew is always up by then and we try to get into the bedroom as early as possible!

Lovely video. Your huMan needs to get a better understanding of feline love.
Eric, my sisfur Chilli has a very loud and rumby purr too! Thank you for your birthday wishes!
Isn't it cool to have the mommy back!
Purrs, Siena
Oh, Eric, you iz such a handsum kitty catty. Dis iz Aurora, an' I just had to drop by to tell you dat I, too, pat my mommy in da eye and da nosie and sumtimez on da arm when I wantz attenshun from her. If she doezn't gib it to me, I just keep patting and patting and patting. Den she pays attenshun to me. You have such a manly purr, Eric.
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