Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Among The Bluebells

Don't worry, I am only nomming the grass, not the bluebells. Bluebells don't taste good but they look pretty.

We think grass is very yummy! Never tried bluebells before!
Are you sure they don't taste good?
what a nice picture of you, Eric! we have flowers similar to those in our garden, but don't get to go out and nom them...or the grass.
What beautiful bluebells. I am glad you are not eating them.

Those bluebells are real pretty, and they set off your furs very nicely.
That grass looks delicious.
Your bluebells are beauooootiful.
So you tried the bluebells before, Eric??? We like grass!
Mom doesn't like us to eat grass because it makes us throw up. We are glad that you get to eat some. Your bluebells are pretty tho.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie
Is the grass good? I have never tried it before!
Grass is yummy! I have many! Come over to enjoy Malaysian grass!

You look like you are enjoying your time outside. Mum let me go outside, loose, for a little bit last week. But she snoopervised me to make sure I didn't get outside the back yard.
your furs are just lovely set against the bluebells.
How cute you look with the bluebells!
What a puurfect picture. Was the grass pretty yummy?
Of course we prefer the nip, but grass can get the job done i guess!
What pretty flowers! They go so well with your furs!
They look very pretty agains your gingerness!
Grass is very yummy - I hope Skinny joins you, he seems like a nice fella'!
That's a great picture ... you're so handsome.
Thanks for the Gotcha Day wishes. We aren't sure if the birdies are using the cat head as a nest yet. But they were checking it out.
Mom loves bluebells - they are her favourite flowers.
Nice pic.
That's a very nice picture Eric. We love fresh grass too, especially when it's crisp and green :-)
Next time you come to visit me, Eric, make sure it's in the spring time. Texas' official flower is the bluebell. You would definitely love how the hills light up in spectacular shades of blue. :)
Bluebells are pretty! Did you get to throw up the grass later?
Are you sure they don't taste good? I would have to try them. They look very yummy.

~~Olive Oyl
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